The Right Time to Give or Ask for a Business Card

At some point in your conversation withthe other person or with the other people if you're talking a group, you aregoing to want to be able to give out your business card to them.

The questionbecomes when is it appropriate? Now there are different rules of etiquetteand customs in various societies.

For example the way the Japanese handlebusiness cards is very different than the way Americans do.

I'm going to show you what is generally accepted as part of the Western world when it comes to askingfor business cards.

Typically, people find it rude to, upon meeting for the firsttime, that you show business card under their nose.

If you want to do this, if I were to do this and to shove it under your nose it's very very intrusive.

What I recommend is that if you're opening the conversation- – if you started — do not ask for the business card of the otherperson until the end of the conversation and do not give your business cardunless specifically asked by the other person.

So toward the end of theconversation the person may turn to you and say "Would you like to exchangebusiness cards?"or maybe you would like to ask that question of them.

And youwant to make sure when you give it out, I suggest, if you are a gentlemen, if you're wearing a jacket like I am, you have one pocket on the inside you keep your business cardsand you have another pocket on the inside of your jacket or somewhere onyour shirt that you keep everyone else's business cards Ladies, put it in your purse or put it in a card wallet or whatever it is you have which keeps your cards separate from the other person's card.

When you do give the cards out — nowadays when I found that manynetworking events there will be younger people especially that would like to receive your contact information but they will not have a card toreciprocate or they don't want to carry your card.

That's perfectly fine.

That's a judgment call they are making made based on their own morals etc — what you can do is you give them your card and if they have a third party app like Evernote that couldtake a picture and have your details digitally recorded.

If they don't have acard to give to you in return, ask them to text or email you or however you want to receivetheir contact details.

And it would be nice if they do it right then and there to ensure that you get it.

So, remember it perfectly okay to ask forsomeone's business card or to give your card out to someone but wait untilthe end or towards the end of the conversation.

If the person doesn't askyou and say "Would you like to exchange contact information?" And that's what willhelp make your networking even more effective.