We Can’t Fix Everything! – KKP Printing Services

PAUL: " As a mid size business,we have pretty high needs for printed materials.

" And KKP just really crushed it for us! Really got me thinking about other areasthat could use the KKP touch.

" AMANDA: "Paul's great!" Very enthusiastic.

A little eccentric.

Easily excited.

I think his company might be dealing withmore issues than he's letting on.

" INTERVIEWER: "Has KKP done any big jobs for you?" PAUL: "Well, for starters – we're expanding the office.

" "Pretty good!" INTERVIEWER: "And are the employees improving?" PAUL: "We used to have a staffing problem.

Not any more! They show up on time.

Even before I get here.

Now that's dedication!" AMANDA: "We have a policy ofgoing one on one with our clients.

And I feel like Paul wasreally taking my advice.

At first.

" AMANDA: "To be honest — I'm very concerned.

" Where is it? Where? Keep up the good work! KKP can't fix all your problems.

But getting your business looking it's best? Yes, we can do that.