Why You Should Stop Using Business Cards!

On today's video, I'm going to show you why you should stop using business cards.

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Business Cards.

We all have them and use them, but really is this what we should be using in today's day and age? In fact, what most people do when you give them a business card is they just get rid of them.

So how do you make sure that in today's digital age, you stay connected? There has been a ton of Apps created of people trying to stay connected, but what I find is that really the most simple and elegant approach is usually the best.

I was just recently at an event and people were coming up and talking with me and trying to get in contact.

There were a few people that I really wanted to get connected with, but I didn't have any business cards.

So what I said was "Hey, do me a favor and just shoot me a text message really quick with your name and your email and I will reply back with mine.

Now, what was great about that was instead of playing around and having to go through gatekeepers and secretaries you just got immediate, direct access to people.

Now, I've used this exact same technique when I've gone up to important people that I want to make sure I stay connected with.

Instead of just giving them a business card, and saying "Hey, can we get in touch one day?" I just say, "Hey real quick, would you mind texting me your email address or your name" and that way I can make sure that we stay in touch.

And then you get that unlimited, direct access.

If you are an important person and you are trying to hide behind a secretary, you can always still screen it and say "Hey, please connect with my assistant to book an appointment.

" The most important thing in my mind is that you have connection to the people that you want to be doing business with.

When you ask for the text message, it is just like any other social situation.

There is a little bit of that social pressure that they would just want to send you that text, and it would be no big deal.

It would just be like if a friend came up to you and said, "Hey, I want to coordinate with you for dinner, shoot me a text on what time we are going to get together.

" It is the same exact idea.

So get used to it and try it out with your clients in a business meeting this week and see if you can skip some gatekeepers and skip a little of the average run around that you get with a business card.

The other thing that you can do, whichI really like to use is using Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other form of social media that you can use to stay connected.

Because it usually gives you a little bit more access, a little bit better information about the client that you are getting in touch with, and you also get to know a little bit more about them behind the scenes what you don't see on a business card.

So figure out a way you can work that into your schedule this week and see what you can do to eliminate business cards once and for all.

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