Wood business cards, and Furniture Effect, Photoshop

Hello every guise how are you every on This is Graphic cl Center Today for you are Present How to make a Professional business card Template And Today you Showing how to Business card include Nature effect Business card will be Wood Effect So we ready for this project You Looking That First we are Going to Google.

Looking That Wood Pattern Search Looking This image Now image You Looking Here Wood Pattern of more image And You Here to you will your According to chose image And My choice this image Just Download Save my computer And Business card nice looking for We will Other one image Download And my choice this image OK You look Just Download Save my computer.

OK And going on Photoshop Now Selected before Downloading image Here image of Every Design.

Brightness and contrast Brightness 41 And contrast 12 OK And create a New layer Selected Rectangular marquee tool Select And next page Ctrl+T Layer Style Bevel & Emboss And Here Here Pillow Emboss You Looking And Size 6 OK And Next Work Same Ctrl+C And Here Ctrl+V Just Past Ctrl+T And Next Ctrl+Alt Ctrl+Alt And Next Work Every Layer Connecting with Ctrl+E And Going on Layer Style.

Bevel & Emboss.

Here just pillow Emboss.

Pillow Emboss And Size 6 OK And you sizing for re sizing OK And next work Ctrl And Rectangular Marquee tool Just select.

And Ctrl+C Just Past And Here Ctrl+V Just Past Ctrl+T re sizing And Same Layer Style.

Bevel & Emboss.

Just Pillow Emboss.

And Size 6 And Next Work.

Background Select Background Select And Just This image.

And Ctrl+J And Image Adjustment Brightness & Contrast And Decrease to Brightness Decrease to Contrast You Look -83 And Contrast -11 OK Same Work Here Just Background Select And Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Just Ctrl+J And Image Adjustment, Brightness & Contrast And -83 & Contrast -11 OK And Next Just This Background Select And Going on Rectangular Marquee Tool.

And Ctrl+J Image Adjustment Brightness Contrast -83 And -11 Just OK Here Your name.

Title Phone number.

Email Address,web site url.

And Here Your Logo.

OK And Next Work Ctrl+T Ctrl+T here.

Ctrl+T for re Sizing.

OK And Next Work.

Here Some Design.

And Color.

Just Wood Color.

Deep Wood Color.

Going on Custom Shape Tool.

And Leaf Ornament.

OK And Drag And Rasterize Layer.

Ctrl+Alt Ctrl+T for Re sizing Apply And Re sizing.

OK Shape and Shape copy Just Connecting Therefore Ctrl+E And Next Work Next Work OK OK And Now Rasterize Layer Rasterize Layer OK And Here Your Name Title.

Here Name This Chanel Name Here.

Graphic Cl Center and Best font Arial font Arial font And 36 pt And Best Looking For Bold OK And Next Work Here Your Title Example Your name and Title Here.

Graphic Expert.

Graphic Expert.

And Here Segoe Print.

Best font Segoe Print And Re Sizing 14 Sorry.

18 just re sizing Graphic Expert.

OK Ctrl+T for re sizing.

And Feel This Color.

Going on Paint bucket tool.

And Select Normal.

And Here your Phone number,Email address and Web url.

First URL First Your phone number here.

Going on custom Shape Tool.

Your Phone Icon.


and Opacity some Decrease.

Opacity 79 And Going on Same Style.

Here your massage icon And Rasterize Layer.

Opacity 79 79 And Going on Custom shape tool.

And web icon And Here you mobile.

Phone number.

Email address and web url And Best for.

And Next Email Address.

And Other Here your web url Example google.

Com Here your web site URL Example google.