Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool: Your Business Card

Do you know what your number oneultimate marketing tool is? It's your business card! You wanna know why? Stick around! While we all understand that a businesscard is a necessity we often fail to see it as a marketingopportunity it's time to start seeing that little slip of paper for what itreally is the best opportunity to have yourselfmarket yourself or your business to a targeted a captiveaudience after all you choose to hand it to thatperson for a reason right it's time for your business card to alsostart collecting sales rather than dust don't forget that it'suseless to have a business card stored away in an office drawer or worse yet in a closet carry them with you at alltimes when you're at lunch running errands social events etc and here's a quick tip to always have cards around put a smallstack in your car right now have them everywhere and soonyou'll start passing them out rather than just hogging them up andkeeping them in your office his three tips to help you maximize this very powerful marketing tool numberone make sure that all of your information iscurrent and never ever cross at info or insert handwrittencorrections it looks very unprofessional number toyou don't forget the back of the card it is prime real estate I see too many blank cards why dont youoffer a call of action for your business offer an incentive for clients to reachout to you I'm always been a big fan of offers at gimmeexpert advice such as visit my website for the topfive things you didn't know about fill in the blank and number three yourbusiness card says a lot about your business so make sure that it is one of thenicest pieces you produce treat yourself with respect getprofessional-quality business cards don't print them at home to save a fewpennies the last thing you want to do is have your customers question whetherthey can trust you with their business when I started my company I predict goodquality business cards and I was handing them out everyone that I met and over the yearsI've seen the pie our handing that small piece of paperand how it leads to some great opportunities let me know what you think post yourcomments below along with it any marketing question you have I willtry to do my best to address it in a future video I'm Ignacio Duran, don't forget tosubscribe and thank you for your time!.