YouTube Business Card VS Carte de visite Pro – agence de communication

YES! OK! Hello everyone how are you I'm really happy to have you in my studio because I just got my YouTube Business Cards, they are there HERE IS ! They are, arrivals, freshly in my mailbox and we will discover together these cards are not really my first business cards I'll show you first all the business cards that I had because the card is the main communication tool of your business and it should really make the difference at first glance.

First I had these cards Who respected the visual identity of my brand so the colors are black blue there is a bottom oscilloscope a sound curve and behind one can see to film a movie so we understand immediately that I work in broadcasting there is just a front.

And I put all the information on the front then I got my first video cards I really wanted innovate and exploit my Personal Branding simply because I am the chief representative of my company and my clients always deal with me seen here my photo in full shoot camera in hand and these cards were a great effect because their small size is very attractive.

I had also declined in several colors it helps to break the ice and say 'this choose your favorite color just so and I liked a lot they are also video because behind in addition to my contact I had added a qr code with Online video presentation directly to YouTube and finally my last video card that's it Heuu.

she is upside down.


it I noticed that with this video card prospecting really take another dimension on the front you can see a picture of me deliberately hidden behind behind my CLAP.

representing my job and then my prospect wonders But who is this guy? is insatiable curiosity The goal is to talk about it already.

and there on the same card is told scan to see my video card so we do already offers something the message is clear he knows that behind this QR code there is a video presentation that's why I say that with this card, communication takes another dimension is a living tool which calls for something else I love this video card because I like the mentality actually discovered arouse the curiosity and discover someone behind visit card which is not simply a tool to convey basic information because it all the world does and finally here we are YouTube business card that we will discover you ready? ACTION ! The murder weapon.

screwdriver here here here here here.

Wait, wait, I'll get a.

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And yes I am as magician It is just perfect it is precisely this I wanted it is super important that already when a card is given to visit it is rigid and hold it firmly in hand it is pleasant to touch it already begins to communicate by touch Sometimes they give me business cards and we see that entrepreneurs have printed themselves This card is the key a little bit and euhhhh seen that euhhhh.

This is homemade! and I see that it is a competitor so yes.

film production we see that film production Do not want to communicate We see that it is improperly cut on the side.

it is cut through.


What we then did receiving this card is simply that MAGIC.

and again it makes it disappear! ok we will go back on what interests us So YouTube Business Card we will start with the back in addition to my usual contact information, there is also the name of my YouTube channel in addition to my YouTube channel we see all social networks where I am I insist that it is said that person Ultra is connected he absolutely wants to communicate So there it is super important demonstrate immediately with this card I'm logged in as I can and available everywhere and I want to communicate and you hold the front focus well I'll go up right away he is on the front I wanted when we look at this map is already on YouTube with YouTube and the YouTube player colors just down! I followed a bit logic of the last card there is a picture of me hidden behind the clap as the previous card I invite my prospect therefore Follow my YouTube channel scanner and also subscribe to my YouTube Channel prospect will be able to follow me and sooner or later he too will want to be on YouTube and it necessarily think of me because it is already subscribes to my channel this card is great she is really very pleasant to the touch because it has a matt lamination resto verso So we already communicate by touch we see that it is not junk we already see it's a nice stiff card it is very colorful, and we already know that is directly to YouTube it really draws attention and it makes the difference, believe me for me this YouTube Business Card is a very effective communication tool and what is an effective communication tool often asked the question well it is simply a tool that is unmistakable that is about you and guard prospect as long as possible and how to guard prospect simply by offering the content this famous added value that will make the difference that's why I'm super happy with my YouTube Business Cards because it is a living and innovative communication tool for conversion because it offers the video content to your customers before converting listeners into your channel you wonder how it works we'll see that right now I have used QR droid who is very fast and very responsive on scans Simply qr code and is accessed very quickly to the YouTube channel so it is very fast you can watch all videos the person who shares his YouTube channel If you want to make your YouTube Business Cards and make a splash with your prospects Just click here and you will enjoy the offer of moment I warn you you will fall down soon on 6kovideo.