☼ D.I.Y. Birthday invitations ☼ Inviti fai da te

>> Hi and welcome to a new tutorial today I will show how to make some nice DIY birthday invitations First of all we need to create the envelop starting with some vellum like these ones.

We need to cut out some squares measuring 15cm per side; I know, using a ruler, I trace the dimension in order to have some guide lines When to use cutting.

Following the lines guides I'm cutting as many squares as the envelops I will need.

We can now start making the envelops.

First of all lets' fold on towards the center of the sides, then we need to fold the opposite one in order to slightly overlap it.

Let's apply some glue to adhere the overlapped sides.

let's fold the bottom at 1 cm and a half like this, then let's widen the two strips and using a bone folder or a ruler lets' fold them as shown.

Let's then fold again one of the two strips That in order it overlaps the other one and using the glue let's adhere them together to create the bottom of the envelop.

Using the ruler let's spread the bottom and let's flatten it.

Let's grab a scalloped border punch and lets' cut the top of the envelop to embellish it.

Let's fold the top at around 2 cm and let's use a punch, I used to crop-a-dile, to punch the holes we will use to insert the ribbon to close the envelop.

We can now proceed with the decoration.

I printed on a cardstock some cupcakes Which I'm going to color with Copic markers.

As you see I chose for the bottom of the cupcake some shades of orange, red and brown Which I will overlay from the lighter to the darker shade.

For the top I chose some shades of blue Which once again I will overlay from the lighter to the darker.

As last thing I colored in red the letters and the sentiment.

Now I start cutting all the cupcakes Which I will need decorated to the outside of the envelops.

On a paper sheet The previously printed the messages I will use on the outside of the envelops Which I will now cut out.

Once I cut all the strips I place them on the envelop to evaluate the spaces.

Now I grab a circle punch and I created a circle from a patterned paper, like this.

The place once again every detail on the envelop to find the right place.

Then I adhere the cupcake on the patterned paper circle, and now I can adhere to the other details too to finishe the decoration of the envelop.

Now I insert the invitation inside the envelop and let's close it inserting the ribbon into the holes That We previously punched out.

Lets' tie the ribbon in a bow and let's cut out the exceeding part.

Here are our invitations ready to be delivered if you need more infos about the products used you can visit my blog the link is in the info box below.

That's all for today I will see you in my next video, Hello!.