Bogford Baby Starter Party Baby Shower Video Invitation, Co-ed Hippie Themed Baby Shower

Hi everybody! Hola! Hi! (kick noises) Did it kick you? I'm going to do that again.


Hi everybody! Hello! As you know, we are pregnant.

35 weeks and 4 days I think.

I think so.

And everyone keeps asking, when is the baby shower.

How can you guys help us?What can you get for us? So, here it is.

We are going to.

this is your line.

Ah crap! We.


let's start over.

Take 2! We gonna do this.

I can do it.

You can dothis! Alright, let's do it.

Hi everybody! Well asyou know, we are pregnant.

We're 35 weeks and 4 days.

I think so.

It's getting very close and everyone keeps asking when is the baby shower? How can you guys help? What can you get for us? Well, here it is.

We are having our ownstrange version of a baby shower, a baby starter party.


A baby starter party.

Baby starter party.

My mother and I are starting a new boutique baby business in a truck.

It'scalled Green Stork Baby and it will be on site during the baby shower, which is kind oflike an open house where you.

Oh I forgot that line.

Oh crap! We'll go back.

Going back.

(rewinding noises) Alright, we're there.

So, here it is.

October 2nd from 6 to 11pm, we're having kind of an open house.

Stop by anytime duringthat time.

Have some light snacks with us.

Play some activities.

We have someinteresting things.

If you wish to purchase a gift, you can do so.

We askthat you do so from our new store, which will be here on site for you to choosesomething from.

I haven't seen anything that's in the story yet, because I love surprises.

Especially curated by Cherie Bedford.

Yes, that's my mom.

Thanks mom! So of course we'd love for you to join us even if you aren't going to buy a gift.

That istotally fine.

We just want you to come celebrate with us.

So, we're having ahippie baby and we want you to be there to celebrate our hippie party with us.

Iffor some reason, you can't make it on Friday night, please stop by on Sundayfrom 11am to 2pm.

The directions should be below.

That's the makeup day.

Yes the makeup day.

It's hard to schedule things these days.


Can be.

Are we going to get the obligatory belly shot? Oh yeah yeah definitely.

Alright as they say in all TV, without further ado.

It's very round.

Very round.

We make fat babies.

35 weeks and 4 days.

` Very soon it comes.

Very soon.

Very soon.

Alright guys, we'll see you soon!.