Candy Bar Wrappers – How To Wrap Personalized Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers – Big Dot of Happiness

I just can't get these baby shower candy bar wrappers to work right.

Ugh, Jeezz Maybe we should stop and watch the Big Dot video on how to make candy bar wrappers.

How to wrap a candy bar: An instructional video Brought to you buy Big Dot of Happiness This is David.

David is going to show us how to wrap a candy bar.

Step 1: Buying the candy bars Huh, What's that, got your package, no candy bars.

Shipping candy bars is a messy business.

That's why we leave it up to the professionals So we recommend going to your local corner store.

Step 2: Tape ends As you see, David will tape the end to the top of the candy bar.

Step 3: Wrapping Foil First, Flip the candy bar over.

Place it in the center of the foil, white side up.

Fold the foil on both sides.

Put the bottom side up.

Move to the top side and voila, your candy bar is wrapped.

Step 4: Personalized Wrapper Next David needs to personalize the wrapper.

First you up the personalization face up.

Flip it around on both sides But wait David, there is one more step You have to tape it And you have the perfect candy bar.

Step 5: Enjoy Mmmmm.

Pretty good isn't it David? The End Another one done.


What do you think Erik, did that video help? These will make great baby shower favors.

Mmmm so good.