Convite de Casamento / Wedding Invitation / Invitacion de la Boda DIY #4

Wedding invitation with lace Invitation Design Download the original file available We start by creating a document in A4 size Then divide the area into 7 vertical blocks This allows folding 6 (3 +3) and leave 1 to harmonize Primary elements inserted in the body of the invitation Then the monogram and other elements Printing Set your printer to A4 without border Maximum quality Print the front of the invitation Turn the side and put the paper back into the printer Print the invitation verse Mounting Place your ruler at the bend area With the help of the square, perfectly fold the paper Wrap the ruler with plastic film Position on 0.

5 cm (half) of the top edge of the invitation Apply contact glue quickly Glue the lace calmly, slowly pressing Trim excess lace on side Cut red tape in pieces 20cm for the bigger part of the loop 16cm for the smallest part of the loop 4cm for closing the loop Shiny side out, stick and circle Leave well aligned After drying, add the two circles Glue on the patched side Cut 43cm of Tape Glue the bigger part of ribbon in the 43cm tape After drying, use an A4 paper for reference and glue the remaining ribbon (Optional) Glue the inside of the loop Glue the closure in the back loop The shiny side should face out Wait to dry and glue the other end Use a strass stone (small or medium) Glue the stone in front of the loop With the tie ready and dry, put it in the invitation Done 🙂 Happiness to Bride and Groom! Like it?, Subscribe to the channel and share;).