Designs MiWay – MiDesign @ Michaels Custom Invitations

I really need to order my save thedates.

I just can't find that special design.

ok, I'll do one more searched forpersonalized save the dates Michaels! I didn't know they offeredpersonalized products.

Let's see what they have.

Wedding invitations.

What's Designs MiWay? Ohh, look at this! I get to create my owndesign.

This is definitely what I've beenlooking for.

And this background is perfect for our theme.

I'll add some text.

and of course the picture with my fiance.

Oh I can even edit my photo withspecial effects.

Let me try black and white.

No, I liked color better.

And then I think I'll at this cutedesign, and I'm all set! It was so fast and easy, I'm coming back to Designs MiWay tocreate my engagement and bachelorette party invitations.