DIY ArtDeco Wedding Invitation

So to make this DIY wedding invitation there'sa few things you're going to need.

You're going to need the printable templates fromDownload & Print, and these are Microsoft Word compatible templates.

You open them up,you type in the brides, grooms name, the date, all your RSVP details and you print them outon 8.

5 x 11" card stock.

I used a cream colored card stock.

And the whole supplies list isin the bottom of this video description.

You're also going to need a bone folder, a scoringtool, a ruler, this is the A7 European flap, that's the pointy flap, envelope, and a sheetof the star dream gold metallic.

And I'm going to first show how to do the envelope liner.

I printed the envelope liner on the same card stock that I did the invitation because Iwanted the paper color to match.

And if you're doing a lot of these one trick is to use yourstraight edge paper cutter to come in and trim the square sides.

And using this straightedge paper cutter you can actually cut three or four envelope liners at the same time,so it's a huge time saver.

You can have your assembly line going where you have half yourpeople doing the cutting, and the other half doing the scissor part.

And once I have ittrimmed out like that I'm just going to come in and do the last angled cuts, and when youget up here to the point you're going to want to keep the scissors still and turn the paperlike so.

And that gives you a much smoother curve, and you're less likely to tear thepaper.

So we cut it out like that.

And so now we have a perfectly sized A7 euro flap.

And if you're looking for these black envelopes there's a link for a place to buy them inthe description of this video.

So I'm just going to line it up just past the glue partof my envelope, like that.

Once I'm happy with how even it is I'm going to take my rulerand my bone folder, or you could use the scoring tool for this, and I'm just lining up on theenvelope fold, the black part of the envelope fold because I want them to crease in thesame spot.

And then I just score, hit it a couple of times.

And then I take the envelopeliner and fold it down.

Take the bone folder, crease it.

Creasing just gives you nice, sharpprofessional folds.

And then I'm just going to take two pieces of tape, you don't needto coat the whole top of this with tape, two or three pieces max and you're done.

And thenbring the black flap down, press.

And then, ta da, there's your beautiful envelope liner.

And doesn't that look so great with the final invitation.

I just love how it all coordinatestogether.

The black, gold, and the cream just look very sharp and sophisticated.

So nowI'm going to show you how to make this invitation, RSVP and the little art deco band.

And thetemplate makes this super easy because it actually has the cut lines that you use toalign your paper cutter.

So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to come across, and theRSVP and the invitation share that trim line there.

So I'm going to come across here, cutthere first, and then I'm going to come into the invitation, line up that bottom mark there,push all the way to the top, trim.

And then I'm going to turn counter-clockwise, trim.

And then here you'll notice that some of our cut lines art gone now.

I'm just going touse my ruler to line it up on the 5", because it's a 5 x 7 invitation.

So there's the invitation.

And then now come in and trim the RSVP card.

So I'm just going to push it to the top, lineup the cut line at the bottom.




And the straight edge paper cutters,they don't cost that much, I think they're like $30, and if you're making your own invitationsit's such a huge time save.

And it gives you perfectly straight lines.

So there's our twopieces.

And then I have the, in my example I have the 4-bar black envelope.

You couldactually use this RSVP as a postcard.

You would save the cost of the envelope.

And youjust put an address label and a postcard stamp, and that will mail out at a cheaper rate thansay the first class envelope rate.

But that's just an idea, postcard or with the envelope,your choice.

And now lets focus on how to make this really cool deco band piece.

Supercheap, wow factor for the whole invitation.

So this is a piece of 8.

5 x 11" star dreamantique gold metallic paper.

It's a lighter weight, I think this is about a 60 lbs.

There'sa link to find it in the video, scrapbook aisle at your scrapbook store.

And what you'regoing to want to do is, you're going to want to come in here and you're going to want tocut 1" strips.

That's the part that actually wraps around.

So it's easier to do this offthis edge rather than putting your paper here.

This is going to be hard to hold straight.

Do I'm going to do it off this end, so 8.

5 minus an inch is 7.


Just come in, whackoff a piece.

We'll make two of them.

So then I go from 7.

5 to 8.

5, whack off a strip.

Sothese are going to be the horizontal pieces that wrap around.

And then for the origami,for this center diamond piece, it's three inches by three inches.

So I'm going to comein here and mark three inches, turn it, and cut, at three inches, so that I have a 3"by 3" square.


Now we're going to put the grooves, now you'll notice, I'm not sure ifthis is picking up on the camera, I've actually scored this, so you get these really nicelinear deco lines.

Now we're done with the paper cutter, I'll get this out of here.

Getrid of my scraps.

So we have our 1" by 11" strips and then our 3" by 3" diamond.

AndI'm going to come in, I'm going to put grooves on my horizontal band.

Now kill your perfectionist,this doesn't have to be perfect.

I even have some that are just slightly crooked, you can'ttell.

And I just space them however my heart desires.

Like I did the two kind of closetogether and then I did one a little lower.

This is where you can kind of put a littlebit your style in.

And this just gives it that kind of embossed, metal look, like metalthat's been formed with lines.

I just like how that looks, and I'm not sure if you cansee it on the camera.

So you just score like that, it's the detail.

And now we're goingto make our diamond piece which looks like this.

This is the final result and I'm goingto show you how to make that.

So we're going to come in and we're going to fold up to thetop, like so.

And this is where a bone folder comes in really handy.

It's like a $3 tool,but you know, you'll wear out your fingernails doing this.

Like so.

And then we're goingto bring, so we have our triangle here, and we're going to bring it over like this.


And every time I'm folding I'm making.

So now I have my triangle, and I've got myopen flap facing to the left.

I'm going to come in, I'm going to grab that little holein there, and I'm going to use my bone folder a little bit, and I'm just going to squishit down like that.

Crease this side.

So now it looks like this, I've got a little openmouth there.

Then I flip it over, and then I repeat the same thing on the back side.

So sometimes it helps to get the bone folder into the point there if you've got chubbyfingers like me.

So you just bring this down like this.

And we're just trying to make adiamond into a square, that's not hard.

Like that.

Now you have the point there, and I'vegot my other flaps here.

So, Ok, flippy flaps at the top.

And then I'm going to fold back,now this is like making a paper airplane.

I'm going to come to the middle, then repeatthe same thing on the other side.

Come into the middle.

You want those to line up.

Reallykeep an eye on this point down here because that what makes it really look nice.

So nowit looks like that.

And then I'm going to take the airplane flap I'm going to fold itback, fold it back like this.

And I'm going to take the other side, repeat it as everythingin deco is symmetrical.

Like that.

Now you can see how it's kind of starting to resemblethe example.

Now the way you attach it to your strip here, is I'm going to come in onthe back, I'm just going to flip it over.

I'm going to open up that back diamond, andI want to fold this down.


So there's my front, and there's my back.

I've just foldedthis flap down.

And there, there's my little hole.

I'm going to stick a little piece oftape in there.

Down in that crevice.

And that's what gives it that pop look.

And I just wantto glue that there.


And then I'm going to come in and I'm going to put a strip oftape on the back side, like that.

And that's what's going to go over your little strip.

I'm justgoing to kind of eyeball the center, and then if you look at the back that just hugs overit.

Like so.

So there is your little deco strap.

And then we take our invitation andI center it, and there's kind of a little cheat, you can just kind of get that deadin the center.

I'm lining it up actually on that invitation design element.

I get to thesides and I just fold it around, the same thing on the other side so it's a nice snugfit.

And I flip it over, and I'm just going to seal it with a piece of tape, oops, stick.

We want to line those up so it looks nice and finished.

There you have it.

And thenI just tuck the little RSVP card on the envelope.

And there you have it.

The art deco ornatevintage typography invitation template.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

To getthe templates to make this for your wedding see the description link in this video.

Thisis Anna Skye from Download & Print.