DIY Baptism invitation card (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #187


Today I will show youhow to make Baptism invitation card.

We need:.



Foam adhesive squares.

Double-sided adhesive tape.

Small ornaments.

Colored paper with printed text.

Thick decorative paper.

Compass (drawing tool).


And ruler.

Divide the paper into 3 equal spaces.

Fold the paper Into thirds.

Draw a circle on colored paper.

Mark a piece (1/4).

Cut the circle.

Cut off the marked part.

Draw and cut 2 small circles.

Draw spokes.

Cut a title text from the paper.

Cut a narrow strip from the ribbon.

Glue it to the spokes by using double-sided adhesive tape.

Glue the wheels to the stroller by using adhesive squares.

Cut a narrow strip from the lace.

Glue it to the stroller by using double-sided tape.

Glue the stroller to the card by using adhesive squares.

Glue the title text.

Measure the right length of the ribbon.

Glue the double-sided adhesive tape to the ribbon.

Leave the empty spaces 12 cm from the ends.

Glue the ribbon to the card.

Starting from the back.

Cut off an excess of adhesive tape.

Glue the small ornament above the title text.

Now, cut an invitation text from the paper.

Glue it inside the card.

Glue the small ornaments to the corners.

Tie a ribbon bow.

Cut off an excess of ribbon.

And it's done.

In a similar way you can make Birthday card, Wedding card, Communion card etc.

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