DIY Envelope Addressing Template

Hey this is Anna Skye and in this video I'mgoing to show you the secret to neatly hand address invitation envelopes.

And I strugglewith my penmanship but these little cheat sheet templates that I've made make addressingenvelopes a snap.

And the secret is these perfectly sized templates that I've made.

You print it out on a PDF like this.

This is completely free.

Print it on the heaviestweight paper you can get through your printer.

And I use an X-actor knife and I cut out eachwindow and then the outer shape and then you have a template you can use over and over,even after your wedding's taken place, anytime you need to send a card.

The link to downloadthis is in the description of the video.

And once you have it cut out, this is the 4-barsize, you just center it on the envelope and you start writing in using each of these linesto space your letters.

And make sure you have enough room for the stamp.

And everythingaligns straight and perfectly each time.

So I'm going to do a sample for you so you canget the idea.

So this is a cream colored A7 envelope and I'm just going to align my templatehere.

And in these examples I did them left aligned, but in this example I'm going toshow you how to center them.

So these black dots are the exact center.

My name is AnnaSkye so I'm going to start here and I'm just going to do S K Y E.

And then I know I'm fourletters for Anna, A N N A, over here.

So each of these lines is a letter or a space.

Andthen I'll do my address which is 99 Main Street, so I'm going to come over here, I'm goingto go 9 9.

number 12.

And I try to make sure that my text extends all the way to thetop and the bottom of the little window.

And that is in Pismo Beach, so that's.

PismoBeach, California.


And then I lift it off and voila, a perfectly centered andstraight hand-addressed envelope.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Let me know what youthink and how your envelopes turned out.