DIY First birthday invitation card (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #251


Today I will show youhow to make invitation made from paper.

We need:.

Paper knife.



Printed text.


Thick paper.

Colored paper.

Adhesive foam squares.


Decorative paper.


And double-sided adhesive tape.

Fold thick paper.

Measure a proper size and cut it.

Select and cut an object from decorative paper.

Cut 2 rectangles from colored papers.

Second one should be smaller than first one.

Write text "Invitation" on smaller rectangle.

Glue smaller rectangle to bigger rectangle by using adhesive foam.

Make 2 slits on top of card.

They should be at equal distances from the sides.

Move ribbon through slits.

Tie a ribbon bow.

Glue car to card by using adhesive foam.

Glue rectangles below car.

Cut printed text from paper.

Cut rectangle from colored paper.

It should be bigger than printed text.

Glue printed text to rectangle by using adhesive tape.

Glue them inside card.

And it's done.

This invitation is really easy and quick to make, but looks just great.

If you don't have a proper decorative paper, you can cut a shape from normal paper and color it by using crayons.

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