DIY Pochette Invitation Idea With Deckle Edge Cards

Hi I’m Kristen, and in this tutorial you’regoing to learn how to make your own frosted deckled edge pochette like this one.

Thisinvitation design is a customer favorite because it looks great, and it can be recreated ina seemingly endless variety of color combinations which means you can use it for just aboutany occasion.

Another great thing about this invite is that it is so easy to make.

In thetutorial you’ll see that all you have to do is choose your papers, and there are lotsof combinations, download your print templates, customize your cards, print the cards, andthen adhere your invitation card to the center panel of the pochette.

Insert your responseitems, fold it all up, and be on your merry way.

If you have any questions about customizingthis invitation design for your event, get in touch with us.