DIY Vintage Iron Wedding Invitation Template Tutorial

Hey this is Anna Skye and today I'm goingto show you how to make this gorgeous vintage invitation template.

And you won't believethat this is actually made from a doily.

You know those white one's you get with cakes.

And lets open it up.

So I've got this little name plate on the cover here, and we openit up and you get this gorgeous wrought iron effect, and I made this design to match thiswrought iron effect here.

But this is the Vintage Adelaide invitation, it includes templatesto make the invitation, RSVP cards, and this little name band on the front.

And lets getstarted.

So your doilies, these are square doilies, and I included a link in the descriptionwhere you get these.

And I'm also going to be giving some away to Boho readers.

So ifyou're interested in winning 250 of these doilies stay tuned to the bottom of the post.

But you're going to take your doily and, I'm using a cardboard box and a can of this Krylonmatt black spray paint.

You want to shake up your paint like so.

And you can use anybrand of spray paint but you're gonna want to make sure it says for paper.

Pop off the top.

I'm doingthis outside.

Do this in a well ventilated area.

And I'm just going to dust back andforth across the doily.

And you don't want it to be solid black.

What I have found isit looks better if it's kinda muddled, cause then it looks like sort of aged iron.

So there'sthe front.

I'm going to flip it over, and it dries very quickly.

And I'll go ahead andspray the back.

And you don't want to get too close, and too far away you'll end upnot painting at all.

But just get it to your liking.

And no two will be the same whichis kinda fun cause it gives it that handmade look.

But now, that's it.

You have your wroughtiron doily.

It takes about a minute to paint each doily, and they dry, I would give itabout 5-10 minutes to dry.

So I'm going to set this aside to dry.

Now I'm going to comein with our template.

And these are Microsoft Word templates, like all of our templatesat Download & Print, and they allow you to type in your name and all your invitationdetails.

And then you print it out onto A4 paper.

I'm going to go ahead and trim alongthe dotted lines to make the invitation.

Like so.

And I'm using this straight edge papercutter so that I get perfectly straight lines.

And if you're making a bunch of these it'sprobably a good idea to go ahead and invest in a straight line paper cutter.

Now we'regoing to trim out the response card.

I'm just lining up on the dotted lines.

And vintageis so popular right now, and keep in mind you could also print this on colored cardstock.

I'm using off white/cream colored card stock.

So there you go, there's you invitationand the RSVP.

And then we have our last little bit, the name tag.

Lets go ahead and cut thatout the same way.

So now we have our little name plate, our RSVP card and our invitationall ready to go into our doily package.

Lets move these off to the side and bring the doilyback.

So here is the doily all dried and ready to assemble.

And you'll notice that thereis this solid square in the middle and that's where you're gonna want to mount your invitation.

Andit doesn't have to be perfect.

And all I'm doing is I'm using double sided tape.

Youcould use any type of adhesive.

I like double sided tape as it doesn't wrinkle the paperbut you could use a glue stick if you're into that.

I'll mount that in there like so andwe're going to set the RSVP card in there.

And you're just going to fold it up.

And Ilike to fold the sides first, and fold that over.

And I'm just bringing it up to the edgeof that card there.

Fold this one up.

And I love how that spray paint gives it an agediron look.

And you could experiment, like you could do a bronze color, or a champagnecolor to get it an old look.

Just spray paint and white doilies and you can make a lot ofreally cool things.

And now for our name plate.

I'm gonna use, this is 7/8 off white ribbon,and the ribbon is a really great spot to get your accent color in, so you could do likered, or blue.

Anyway I'm going for a really timeless white and cream look.

So we're gonnago ahead and put our ribbon like this.

And I'm gonna go ahead and take another pieceof that double sided tape, stick it on the ribbon, bring this over, seal it down.

Andjust trim that edge.

And now we're going to mount our little name plate there.

So samething.

Put a little piece of double sided tape underneath the name plate and then mountit like so.

And there you have it, the vintage doily faux wrought iron invitation.

I hopeyou enjoyed this DIY template tutorial, and to get the files go ahead and click the linkat the bottom of the video.