Doily Backer Card

Hey, it's Anna Skye and I had so much funcreating this invitation template tutorial for you because I just love the look of thisdoily backer card.

Doilies are so hot right now and they only come in white.

But, I'mgoing to show you how to make them in any color you want.

And then use them to mountyour beautiful wedding invitations on to it.

So stay tuned and see how to make this invitationfor your wedding.

And I'm even including this template for free.

So the first step is toopen the template up in Microsoft Word and I have it here on my laptop, and you'll noticethat each of the text areas on the invitation are editable text boxes.

So I can simply doubleclick on the name of the bride here, and I can type in my name, and customize the groom'sname.

And I think today I'm going to marry Bradley Cooper.

And then you can go on topersonalize the date and the times and everything.

And then when you have it the way you likeit we're going to go ahead and print.

I'm just going to go File > Print.

Make sure thatyou can preview the template here.

If the page orientation is portrait change that tolandscape.

It just depends on the last time you used your printer sometimes will effectthe way that looks there.

So get your page orientation corrected and then hit print.

And here it comes.

Now you could also print at a copy shop, or save this file and takeit to a local printer, it's your choice.

This is a black and white design so it would actuallybe very inexpensive to reproduce this at a copy shop because you're just paying for blackand white copies.

And one trick is if you're using a copy shop is to bring your own cardstock rather than to let them sell you theirs because the mark up is pretty high when theydo it.

So I'm going to clear my computer off and I'm going to come back and show you howto trim this and mount it on the doily backer.

So I've printed out my template on 8.

5 x 11"card stock and to do the final embellishment, which is to cut out the card and create thereally pretty doily backer what you're going to need is the Martha Stewart Vintage DoilyBorder Punches.

It has the corner punch and the side punch and I've linked to where tobuy these in the description of the video.

You're going to need some double sided tape.

This works better than glue 'cause it's not going to wrinkle your paper like a glue stickwould.

And that's what we're going to use to mount the invitation to the backer card.

And then some black paper.

So to start I'm going to trim my invitation.

And the templatehas these handy cut lines on it so I'm just going to line the card up with the ruler andI'm going to line the dotted line with the blade.

And I'm just going to pull down andcut.

And then turn.

And you'll notice that none of the logo or branding appears on yourfinal project.

It's really just there to be a tool for you.

At this point I've kind oflost my cut line but I can see the trim right there, so I'm just going to cut it off.

Youcan also use your ruler.

And on here which I just trimmed off the invitation templateshows you the sizes.

So the final card size should be 3.

8 x 5.

6 in case you need to referencethat when you're cutting.

And now for the backer card.

And you're going to want to cutthis to 5 x 6.


And the reason why it's 6.

75 is because we want to make sure thatas we punch that these come out even.

So it needs to be a multiple of this punch measurement.

So I've sized everything so you should get an even punch all the way around.

And so that'swhy it's 5 x 6.

75, and there's a little cheat sheet on the template there.

So I'm goingto cut it 5 inches.

You can get two out of an 8.

5 x 11" sheet.

And then I'm going toturn it, so that's my 5 inches and then turn it, 6.


So now I have my backer card andmy invitation card.

I'm just going to move this stuff out of the way.

Now we're on topunch which I think is the magical part, because I've just become addicted to these MarthaStewart punches.

So the trick is you're going to want to do your corners first.

And thepunch comes with the corner pieces tucked in, so you're just going to open them up andthen you're just going to slide your corner in, make sure it's flush with both sides,and punch.

And turn, punch.

And I just love these punches 'cause you can use any colorcard stock.

Use your accent color, you could use vellum, gold, silver, whatever you want.

Now we're going to use the side punch.

Now it's important that you line here so thatthe design is consistent.

And you'll notice that on here you can see a silhouette of thecorner piece.

So when I slide my card in I'm going to make sure it's all the way flushhere and then make sure that it aligns right over top of that corner piece, and then punch.

And then I'm going to move it down the line, and then line it up again with that next doily,punch.

So that's the way you cheat.

It's kind of like a jig.

So it's three punches downthe side.

When I get to the end I don't have anymore tail to push up here, but I do haveanother corner silhouette to align with.

So I'm just going to align it there, align iton the left, and then punch down.

So there you see I have my design going all the wayacross.

I had a little tail there.

And then I'm just going to continue the process.

SoI'm going to go this way, line that in the corner.

Actually, I like it this way.

So I'mgoing to line up the corner piece in that silhouette, and punch.

Slide it over, align the cornerpiece, punch.

On the short ends it's only two punches.

Turn it, repeat the process.



And what's cool about this is you could use this punch not only on yourinvitations but you could use it for, throughout your wedding.

You could use it to border yourtable numbers, you could use it to decorate your signs at your wedding, really the optionsare endless with these punches.

It's just inexpensive paper and the punches and youcan create endless cards.

So there I have the design all the way around, and I'm goingto mount my invitation on top of it.

And to do that I'm just going to flip my card overand I think it's best to apply the adhesive to the top card, and then place it down.

Andjust as a trick to center it on here is just look at your corners.

So I align with theholes on the corners.

It's pretty even.

And set her down, and press.

And so there youhave it.

The doily backer card.

It's such an elegant, classic look.

Make it in eggplantpurple, navy blue, black, silver, gold, it's going to look fabulous.

And this is our Pearls& Lace design and I have 15 coordinating pieces that match with this.

So if you use this freetemplate for your invitations know that you can find the place cards, table numbers, programs,paddle fans.

I have everything you could possibly need to coordinate this look through yourentire wedding available on my website and the link is in the video description.

Heythis is Anna Skye and Conan the office wiener dog here asking if you like this video tutorial,oh and that's Butters back there.

She likes to help with the ribbon in the tutorials.

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