Easy Baby Shower Invites and Decorations | Parents

For mom who's expecting baby number 2 or 3or 4, plan a sprinkle instead of a traditional shower with some cute DIY ideas.

For the sprinkleshower you'll need powder and solid craft paper, scissors, a hole punch, thin string,a hot glue gun and circle punches.

When your guests get this invitation in the mail, they'llget a surprise sprinkle when they open it up.

To make confetti, just take a hole punch.

I'm using a heart shape but the circle will give you the same effect and just make a bunchof punches in craft paper.

Drop them into the envelope and there you go.

You can printthis adorable invite from parents.


Now we're gonna make a garland to decoratefor the sprinkle party.

Take your paper punches and make circles from the same craft paperthat you use for the confetti.

To assemble the garland, lay a few circles and align onyour work surface and squeeze a small dab of glue onto each.

Take your string and layit on top of the glue and quickly sandwich it before it dries with another circle ofthe same size.

Once you're done, hang a few strands either vertically behind your buffettable or horizontally around the room.

If you made some extra circles and confetti,just sprinkle them around your buffet or dining table.

Sprinkles are great way to pair forthe more experienced mom- to- be.