Free Invitation Printing Templates For DIY Invitations

LCI Paper is now offering computer printingtemplates right on our invitation product pages.

Use our templates and sample wording to personalizeyour invitation with your own custom details.

Start by downloading the template on a productpage.

More templates are being added daily, butif a template download link does not appear on a certain product page, request it by clicking“Ask us a question.

” We’ll be happy to create the template andmake it available.

Next, open the downloaded file.

It’s a zipfile that contains your templates and several support files.

Open the Printing Tips file.

This PDF file contains step by step instructionson how to use our printing templates, how to customize them for your particular invitation,and finally, how to print your invitation with your printer.

Follow the Printing Tips instructions andyou’ll be on your way to making your own custom invitations using your computer, yourprinter, and your creativity.