Hen Party Invitations: Here Come The Girls S01E1/8


My name's Hannah and welcome to my seriesHere Come the Girls from my wedding scrapbook.

Over the next eight weeks I'm going to showyou how to make some absolutely gorgeous projects for your hen do all based on ideas from mylovely lovely book Girl's Night In.

So first thing's first I'm going to start off withmaking invitations for your lovely hens.

[Music] So for this project you need a few littlebits and bobs.

I've got these premade brown cards which are really nice, nice kind oftexture and color on those.

And then we're got two pieces of sort of scrapbook paper.

You don't need very much of these but I'm going to use this one for my top and thisone for my skirt.

And then I've got a bit of tulle which makes this skirt really prettyat the end of it.

And then I've got a couple of trims, I've got a couple of kind of flowersand some ribbon.

And then we need to have a metal ruler, some scissors, some glue, apencil, and a pen.

So the first thing we need to do is make our fan skirt so I'm using thispink piece of card.

I'm going to turn it back to front and I'm going to measure it about9 cm by about 16 cm.

So just use your ruler and your pencil.

So we just need to cut that out.

And thenwe just get rid of that piece.

And then we're just going to fold this into our fan shapeso it's literally going back and forth into our card.

Just make sure that the end pieceis facing forward so when you attach it to your card you can stick it down.

So just gobackwards and forwards.

You can just press kind of hard down to make sure you've gotquite a crisp line on there.

So at the end of our skirt I'm going to attach a littlebit of tulle just to make it look like a petticoat.

Ok, so I'm just going to grab our tulle justhere.

And then we need to flatten out our fan shape and cut a section out probably about2 cm overhang and a cm so we can glue it to the actual card.

So just lay that over andjust cut it out.

So it's good to keep all the lines quite neat and straight so if you'vegot any extra bits just trim them off really neatly.

So we just get our glue and we need to justrun a line down the back of our skirt and then stick on our lovely tulle.

And we justwant to smooth the glue down a little bit.

So now the glue has dried, we can just snipoff the ends of the tulle just to make it lovely and neat.

We'll put that aside fora moment and our next stage is to draw out some legs on our card.

So I've actually changedit slightly and already drawn some out in pencil which are here.

So we just need todo the bottom end of the legs and then we just need to go over those with a black pen.

So I'm just going to go around.

It's best to draw these out with pencil first because,you know, you want to get them right basically.

So we just draw around the outside.

So we're going to glue the skirts on now.

Just grab some of your clear glue and we're just going to glue down those two tabs thatwe had on either side of the shape.

So you want to pinch the top together before youlay it down and get it fairly center on the card.

And then you just need to hold thatin place while it's gluing.

So now that lovely skirt has been glued down, we're going tomake the top to go on top.

So I've got my lovely sparkly bit of card here and I'm justgoing to cut out a little sort of vest shape from there.

And it's good to sort of measureit up to the height of your card and the size of the waist.

And you kind of have to do thisbit by eye really.

So just trim that final piece off and we're just going to glue thaton to the top of our lovely skirt.

So the next stage is we're going to put a lovelypretty bow around her waist so you need to cut about 15 centimeters of ribbon.

This isabout 0.

5 centimeters wide, this ribbon.

And just tie yourself a bow in it.

Pull it tightand make it kind of a little bit small to be able to fit in the waist.

You just needa little glob of glue on there.

So we're almost finished, I'm just going tofinally add one of these pretty little flowers as a little corsage just on the top side ofour lovely bridesmaid's card.

And there we have our perfect invitation.

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