How To Adhere Layered DIY Invitations, Programs, Menu Cards?

I’m Josh from LCI Paper and I have anothercustomer question to answer today, something I definitely enjoy doing.

Linda in New Yorkstate writes, “How do you attach the menu to the backing card? Do you glue it?” And she’s talking about something like this.

But today’s video response really applies to any of our cards that are layered or anyof our kits that are layered.

Yes, all of the items in a kit, or if you are buying thecomponents individually, they will not be glued.

Why is that? Well, because first youneed to run the printable invitation layer through your printer and then you’ll wantto adhere it.

Now you can use any type of adhesive that you’re comfortable with.

I’msure you’ve glued paper over the years and you know what you like.

LCI though, has a great DIY Supplies sectionand specifically Tape & Glue and we sell a variety of—I’d call them specialty adhesiveproducts.

One of them is our Glue Marker.

This is nice.

You kind of press on the tipa bit to get the glue flowing and then it provides a nice surface to apply the glue.

It kind of looks like Elmer’s glue when it comes out.

Our cement; it’s actually billed as FabricCement but we find that it works great on paper and maybe even more specifically forthe metal brads that we sell.

So this is an option.

Very popular is Zip Dry.

This works excellenton paper.

It dries clear.

It doesn’t produce any rippling under the paper.

But it is stilla liquid so keep that in mind.

I like to use an average store-bought GlueStick.

I just like how it applies and how it dries.

It kind of goes on smooth and flat,so that’s another option.

A great option as well is our Double SidedTape Dots and these have a little tab so that you can peel it off of the sheet, place iton the back of your layer, take that tab and peel off the other side.

And because it’sflat, well it’s flat.

You’re not going to see it between your layers at all.

It won’tripple like liquid sometimes tends to do and it’s super strong.

So these are a few tips for adhering layersto your kits and your cards.

Now again, we love answering questions.

Pleasekeep sending the questions in and we may even feature your question on video.