How to Choose Your Bar Mitzvah Video Invitation Design with Mitzvites

Music Hi I'm Bonnie from Mitzvites and in thisvideo I'll show you how to set your invitationpreferences and start choosing designs.

Once you have logged in, you’re takenhere to set your invitation preferences.

Simply click “Bar”, “Bat” or “B’Nai” underthe “Mitzvah Type” Header Choose “Photo”, “Text” or “Video” under the “Invitation Type” Header and click “Apply”.

Invitation examples will automatically load based on yourpreferences.

Click on the round blue buttons on the left or right side of theinvitation examples to move between designs.

You may also click on the smallthumbnail images underneath the large invitation to quicklyview a new design.

Use the pink arrows to navigate forward and backwards through sets of thumbnailimages.

Once you find the invitation design you like, click on the invitation and you'llautomatically be taken to the next step.

Once you have chosen a design, it's veryeasy to change if you desire.

Click the "Choose Design" navigation buttonat the top left of the wizard.

If you like to modify your invitationpreferences completely, click the gear icon in the upper leftcorner, and our "Style Selector" will open right upfor you.

If you're happy with your preferences but would like to just see somedifferent invitations, simply navigate to the new invitation to your choice and click on that invitation.

Easy right? Thanks for watching and inour next video, I'll show you how to Compose your Mitzvite.