How to DIY Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations, How to Create Boarding Pass Invitations, Tutorial

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2510;}viewkind4uc1pardsa200sl276slmult1lang9f0fs22First what comes with your do it yourself boarding pass invitationsparthis is actually already printed and you get a personal designer as well to pardesign this all for you an actual person will send you proofs of all of this parand you can make as many changes as you want order as many eproofs as you needparto make sure it's absolutely perfect before it goes to printparon our do it yourself boarding passes this part here is actually detachableparit's already perforated here so your guests can literally rip it offparand you can use it as an rsvp card or you can use it as a map or directionsparor travel information or pretty much anything elseparbut everything kind of comes like this you get the boarding pass jacket like thisparthen you get this already printed like this and you also get white or creamparenvelopes with it and this paper can come in cream as well and you also parget a ribbon that can be white or cream and you also get a starfish buckleparand or you can choose a circle buckle if you don't want starfish or you can get a charmparwith it the charms have to be specially requested but that's just easy you justparrequest it in the special instructions box while checking outparalright let's go ahead and show you how to put this togetherparand this is one of the reasons that the boarding passes are so inexpensive online paris because we just print it and then you put it together and like right in the middleparyou're going to want to punch two holes and if you get a smaller hole punchparfrom like a craft store it's even better put em about an inch apartparok and then next you're going to want to thread the starfish buckle withparthe ribbon first like so ok and then you're going to thread first you're going to threadparthe ribbon through to the back from the front we've been doing invitations for sevenparyears now and we've never received a complaint on our boarding pass invitationspareverybody loves em so you can see how it goes through to the backparnow we're just gunna criss cross in the back and thread it back to the frontparand that's it you can see that part there now you can see on the invitation there'sactuallypar a little groove here already cut and slitto make the boarding pass jacket so easy to putpartogether so you're just gunna fold it and there's already a fold here for you so youpar know exactly where to fold it to make it absolutelyperfect and then you'repar just going to put it right inside that slitand it holds it really securely it doesn'tpar come out at all and then we're just goingto slip our boarding pass invitation right parin there and line it up with the circle and we have over 15 designs on hereparso you don't have to have the one with the beautiful chandelier we have beachparones and soon we're gunna actually get a peacock one very gorgeous designparwe have several pocket colors beachwedlockinvitations dot comparI'll have that link in the annotations as well as below the video in the descriptionparso you can just click and see all the different boarding passes we have parwe have a lot and all of them are inexpensive cause they're do it yourself parpacks but they're also nice cause they also have the detachable rsvp cardpar}.