How to Hack a Wedding Invitation Pocketfold

Hey guys, it's Anna Skye and I'm back withanother envelope hack, and this time I'm transforming these little RSVP envelopes into fabulouspocket fold pocket folders for your invitations.

You have a little pouch over here for allyour goodies, and you've got your invitation mounted over here and it all folds up intoa neat little package.

These are expensive to buy these little custom folders for invitationsbut I'm going to show you how to take a very inexpensive piece of card stock and our littleenvelope and turn it into this.

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For this project you're going to need doublesided tape, a ruler, a bone folder this helps you make sharp creases, you've going to needa 5 x 7 invitation card, this is our printable from the Amber collection available at Download& Print, and it has the invitation, matching enclosure card, RSVP, and I've paired it withthis really great teal 4-bar envelope.

You can get these at Download & Print, there'sa link in the description.

You've going to need an edge punch, this is option pizzazzjust to dress up the pocketfold.

4-bar envelopes, these are typically used for your RSVP cardsto be mailed back.

And a 12 x 12 cardstock, and you, I'm using black in this example youcould use any color you want.

I would advise buying your 4-bar envelopes first then gointo the craft store and matching it to coordinated cardstock.

So to get started we're going totrim off our flap of our envelope.

And I'm just going to take it over to the paper cutterat about 3 1/4 and trim.

And this essentially makes our little pocket that we're going tomount.

Then I'm going to use my edge punch, this is optional, and I'm just going to puta lace edge on to the opening of that pocket.

And these are, border punches come in alldifferent shapes and sizes.

So if you're doing a beach wedding you could do a different edgedesign.

And you just slide the design down to where it's printed and it lines up perfectly.

And on this punch that I'm using it takes three punches to get that edge on there.

Sonow we have this decorative, sort of doily edge, it's a very popular kind of vintagelook right now.

And then I'm going to take my cardstock, and we're going to cut it downinto a strip, and this is going to make our folder.

And when I mount my invitation onhere I want a little bit of a border all the way around.

So this is 7 inches across soI'm going to cut this at 7 and, lets do 7.


And the reason I mention that is you couldbe doing this for a square invitation and so you may want to cut it square, so thisexample would work for more than 5 x 7 invitations.

So now with that trimmed down I'm going tocome in and I'm going to take my envelope that we cut and punched and I'm going to mountit in this bottom, this bottom corner of the cardstock I just trimmed.

And I'm going todo that with double sided tape.

Now you could use roll-on adhesive, you could use glue stick,it really doesn't matter.

I like working with double sided tape because of instant gratification,you don't need to wait for it to dry or anything.

So then I"m just going to line up both edgesand then place my pocket onto the cardstock that I trimmed.

And now I'm going to makemy folder, and with that envelope in place that serves as my fold line.

So I'm just goingto take my bone folder using the sharp edge and I'm jut going to come in and start tocrease this here.

Then fold the cardstock over top and crease the rest of the way.

Andthen I'm going to take my bone folder and press.

So you can see it starts coming together.

Now, it can be tricky to fully center this so I actually like to mount the invitationbefore I make that last crease.

You can do it in whatever order you want.

And I'm justgoing to move my paper trimmer out of the way here, so I have some more room to work.

So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to use the same double sided tape and putthe invitation, I think four pieces of tape is plenty, you're not, it's not really heavy,you don't need a lot to hold these on.

So now I'm just going to come in and I'm goingto try to even the top and the bottoms and the sides, get it straight, like so.

And press.

Now I'm going to make, we have our folder like this, now I'm going to make my flap thatcomes across.

And I'm going to do that with my ruler.

And I'm just going to come up andI'm going to try to make it even with that side.

And then I make my crease.

So now Ihave the crease in there.

And I'm just going to fold it over, press it good with the bonefolder, and now this comes in like this and you have a pocket fold.

And I'm going to justtake my enclosure card and I love how once I put the cards in there you see all the detailof that edge punch.

And I have my RSVP card, and that tucks in there, like so.

Now I'mgoing to finish it off by doing another border punch on this outside edge just to give itthat last little vintage feel.

And then it'll be all done.

So I'm just going to come overhere, I've got too much on my workspace, bring in for the doily punch, like so.

Slide thepattern down.

And you could do these in any color and it's quite a bit of savings whenyou compare, I think the RSVP envelopes are about 10 cents a piece, and then the cardstock,depending on the packs that you buy it in, can be about lets say a quarter a sheet.

Soit's quite a bit cheaper than if you were to buy pre-done pockets.

Plus you can addthis custom feel with the edge punch of your choice.

So there you have it, there's thatbeautiful little doily edge, you have a pocket hacked from an envelope and cardstock.

I hopeyou've enjoyed this tutorial and for more videos like this please subscribe to our newsletter.

This is Anna Skye from Download & Print.