How to Make a DIY Vintage Type Wedding Invitation

Hi, this is Anna Skye from Download & Printand I have been loving all the vintage style wedding invitations that I've been findingon Pinterest, and the wedding blogs.

And so I decided to make a few DIY friendly vintagetype invitation templates.

You can personalize them using Microsoft Word, I designed themto be easy to use.

If you've ever used Word for work or school you can use it to makethis invitation.

And the key is, is that all the invitations, this invitation templateis designed to be printed on 8.

5 x 11" cardstock, like this.

And I picked up a pack of it atOffice Max, or Staples or any of the big box office stores.

You get like 250 sheets.

Andwhat's great about it is you use this same paper to make your invitations, your RSVPcards, everything that you see shown in this tutorial.

So you don't need to buy expensivekits.

So what I've done is I opened up a template in Microsoft Word and printed it out on naturalcream colored cardstock.

And you notice that there's two to a page, and then there's theselittle trim lines.

I'm going to use that with my paper trimmer to trim it down to the finalsize.

So I just push it all the way up against the top, bring my trimmer down, and cut alonglike so.

Now you're probably thinking that's going to be a lot of cutting, but you canactually cut five sheets at a time on here.

I'm going to cut off the second one just toshow you.

I'm just holding up, lining up the dotted lines, trim like so.

And all of ourtemplates work like this.

So once you get the hang of using the cutter it's no problem.

So there you have the invitation like this.

And then we have Word templates for the RSVPcard, and you just trim four to a page.

And then the address label.

Now the address labelyou could actually print on Avery temple 5160, but I wanted the natural cream color to matchthe invitation, so I actually am going to print it on the same cardstock, cut it outand then use tape to tape it to the envelope.

So let me show you my favorite little toolwhich is this 3M tape gun.

Let's trim out one of these little address labels, like so.

And with this address label template you don't need to have pretty handwriting, this is actuallya font in the computer, you just type with it and it looks like you have this pretty,old fashioned type.

I'm just going to trim this out, so you can see.

So there's a littleaddress label, and because it's a template you could actually use this for your addresslabels, and then go back and then type in like, thank you for sharing our wedding withus, punch a little hole and use this as a little gift tag for your favors.

So thinkoutside the box of how to use these templates.

Now here is my A7 black envelope.

This iscalled a euro flap when it's pointy like this.

I have a link to all the supplies I'm usinghere.

And I think the black and the cream is this great classic look.

And I just wantto stick my address label here.

Now I am using my favorite adhesive which is transfer tape.

And it's double sided tape in this really cool gun.

And what I did is I bought thisat Michael's, I used my 40% off coupon, it came out to about $20, and it is the bestway to adhere things.

Now if you don't want to invest in a gun like this you can use thisElmer's wrinkle free glue.

Now don't use a glue stick, or Elmer's liquid glue, you wantto make sure that if you use a glue it says wrinkle free or else you're going to get thoseripples and bubbles like you did when you did crafts when you were a kid.

So you coulduse a little squirt of this, stick it down, it's your choice.

You could also use the peeland stick double sided tape, but I'm going to use my gun, because it's awesome.

So I'llflip it over, pull the trigger, roll back, and it's just put a little swab of tape likeso.

And then I'm going to stick this down.

And what I love about this, is with just like,this pack of paper is like $12, and I could make probably, I don't know, 250 invitationsets, that's you know, and we're talking about black and white prints.

So you can make thisfor really cheap.

And if you didn't want to print on a printer like this, so you don'thave one at home, or you don't want to use ink, whatever, you could take the templatedown to Kinkos and run off black and white copies.

So there you have it, vintage typeinvitation sets.

Click the link here to get the Microsoft Word template, make comments,I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

And have fun DIYing your own wedding.