How-To Make a Wedding Invitations with Download & Print Templates

Hi this is Anna Skye and today I'm going toshow you how to use our templates to make your own wedding invitations.

And our templatefiles are designed to work with Microsoft Word.

You open them up in Word, type in yourname and your wedding details, and then print out on 8.

5 x 11" paper.

Now you can printat home using your home printer or work printer, or you can take it to Kinkos or your localcopy shop and print out copies if you need a lot of them.

And the template prints outtwo to a page.

The final invitation is 5 x 7", so to get there you have these dottedlines that you trim against.

And I recommend using a guillotine paper cutter like thisin order to have it go fast and have perfectly straight lines.

So I'm just lining it up againstthe front part of the paper trimmer, and making my cuts.

If you have a lot of invitationsto make you can actually cut three or four sheets at a time, so it goes pretty fast.

So there you have your 5 x 7" invitation.

And you'll notice that none of the Download& Print logos or copyright show up on your final product, it's in the waste.

And thisis a 5 x 7" invitation so it will fit an A7 envelope like this.

And we have a link inthe nav bar up top that shows you where to get 5 x 7" envelopes in every color imaginable.