How to Make Wedding Invitations in Microsoft Word

Hi everyone, this is Anna Skye back with anothertemplate tutorial and this time I’m using my new deco flower template.

It is a MicrosoftWord template.

I just wanted to show you a few tricks for editing these templates inMicrosoft Word.

First of all, every element, from the couplesname, these details, as I click on them you’ll notice these boxes show up.

These are movable,editable, text boxes that you can add and subtract off the page.

You can also move themaround.

So if I click on the couple’s name you’ll see these handles show up on thecorners of the box and I get this sort of crosshair with the arrow.

I can then movethis, click, hold, and move this around anywhere I want.

I can also double click on the boxand then edit this text.

So right now the font that I’m using isLa Belle Aurore, and there’s a link to download this, it’s a free font, on my fonts page,and I’ll link to that in the description of this video.

But if I wanted to change thecolor, I could just come down here, pick green, now you notice my font’s green.

I can alsoclick in here and type any name I wanted to.

Now the font for the description of the event,I’m using Futura Light.

If you didn’t like Futura Light, you wanted something alittle more traditional, you could pick any font on your computer, and it’s that easyto change the text.

Again, click here, type… it’s just that simple.

Now, if you’re moving your elements andyou just want fine changes, like you just want to move it a little bit to the left orthe right, you can use your arrow keys, left and right, and up and down.

Now if you dothis and your boxes are making big jumps to the left or the right that’s a setting inWord that you can change.

And to do that you go into Word, Preferences, and you’ll clickunder Edit, you’ll see these Grid Options.

And under Grid Options you’ll want to makesure that Snap to Objects, all of these are unchecked.

If these are checked you’re goingto see big jumps.

It’s going to jump every.

25” as opposed to just moving every pixel.

So in case you’re having trouble moving things around your screen I just wanted tomention that setting.

So this is the Deco Flower template.

It’sa three piece template set.

You have your 5 x 7” invitation, which fits an A7 envelope.

You have your 3.

5 x 5” reply card, which you could use as a postcard or it fits a 4-barenvelope.

And then the wedding accommodation card, which is optional and you could useit to, maybe instead of airport and hotel info you could use it to have driving directionsfrom your ceremony to your reception.

You can use it however you like.

And then onceyou print this out you’ll see these little dotted cut lines.

That’s where you’lltrim it down to get it to its final size.

So I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

I hopeyou found it helpful.

Please let me know by commenting in the box, and stay tuned formore templates.

This is Anna Skye signing off for Download & Print.