How To Make Wedding Invitations Using Japanese Tissue As A Wrap

Hi I’m Kristen, and here is my latest invitationdesign, my delicate tissue wrapped invitation ensemble.

This was designed with traditional,classic taste in mind, and it’s a really simple combination of elements.

All it is,is a Japanese tissue wrap that you’ll be cutting yourself from eight and a half byeleven tissue, and very traditional ivory linen cards.

And of course you have your invitation,your reception and direction, and your response items.

All of these cards come to you pre-cut,so all you have to do is print and then cut the tissue.

I provide you with all the templatesand instructions for assembling the whole thing as well.

Of course you may not wantto use this exact color combination, but we have Japanese tissue in all kinds of colorsthat you can create your own wrap with, as well as all kinds of pre-cut cards.

I’veprovided links for all of the materials you’ll need, so happy shopping, and we’d love tosee your finished result.