How To Make Your Wedding Invitations Shine


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Now, the budget and the wedding invitations can get pretty tricky.


Well, I'd have to agree with you, too.

And so why not make it easier on yourself.

Experts say you'll be a much happier newly wed if you do not make the wedding invitationson your own, Julie.


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So, engaged couples,listen up, watch, and learn.

Here's our very own lovely Rachel Leigh.


Every wedding has a signature, the invitations,the place cards, and that's often the only thing your wedding guests take with them forever.

So, today, we'll show you how to make it count without any headaches or last minute disasters.

I have the wedding invitation gurus here right in the studio, and one of them just happensto be a newly wed herself.

Nancy Kirk and Jessica Kirk from The American Wedding.


So, first of all, Jessica Congratulations on you wedding!Thank you.


But Nancy, let me start with you.

What's thenumber one most important thing to remember when it comes to your own wedding invitations?Do not do it yourself.

Just leave the invitations to the professionals.

So why? No matter what, it's going to cost more money,more time, more effort than you ever thought was possible.

You want to just make sure thatyou have the right quality paper and printing processes you just can't get from a storelike Kinkos or Staples because that's the first thing that your guest truly sees isyour invitation in the mail.

So you want to make sure that you're setting the tone foryour wedding.

Jessica, remind us of the proper etiquettewhen it comes to sending out your wedding invitations.

How far in advance did you sendthem out? You really want to give yourself plenty oftime.

There's a lot that goes into your invitations.

You want to make sure you have enough timeto get your guest list together, get your theme and your colors ready, and then onceyou have that you can order your invitations and look for the ones you like, about 4 -6months before your wedding.

And then after that, you have stuffing of the envelopes andaddressing and it takes a little while.

So, you want to make sure you give yourself plentyof time.

The American Wedding actually does offer an assembly service and an addressingservice.

Some people want to do it themselves.

Some people want other people to do it.

It'seasier to have other people do it.

Yes, definitely.

There's so much going on when it comes to weddings, so one less thing to worry about.


You want to be stress free.

It always takes longer.


It always does.

And so you then you send out the invitations about two monthsbefore your wedding.

Nancy, when it comes to trends, what are someof the things you're seeing with wedding stationary design?We are seeing a lot of the vintage and rustic.

That's still going pretty strong.

Color palettesare like neutral, woodsy, we have still have a lot of pale pinks and things like that,maybe have like a lace or a burlap embellishment, chalkboards still huge, and then we also areseeing a lot of foily coppery tone.

And then the paper is actually changing a little bit.

It used to be just kind of a plain Jane type of paper, but now we're actually getting reallythick card stock that makes a really good impact when you get the invite in the mailand some shimmery paper, some things like that.

Jessica, I know you have some gorgeous photos from your own wedding.

Why is a wedding stationarytheme so important and what was your wedding theme?Well, I went with the vintage look.

That's still pretty big.

I had pale pinks and goldsin my wedding invitations.

We have some right here.


I went with a letter press invitation with a heavier card stock.

I really wantedto showcase, it gave it that vintage feel that I was going for.

But themes aren't reallythat important.

You really just want to make sure that each couple showcases their ownunique personality.

That's the important aspect of the wedding invitation.

So, ladies, how does a bride-to-be get started in the process? Is it all done online?Mostly.

You can do everything online if you'd like, but we also have catalogs if you'remore comfortable browsing through a catalog.

You start by looking at designs and then onceyou find something that you really like, you can order a free sample of it, and get it,and feel it, and touch it, and just make sure that's the one.

And then from that point,you can complete the order online, or if you feel more comfortable with all the personalizationand everything, you can contact one of our invitation specialists.

And the invitation specialists are awesome.

They are so much fun.

It's a new program we'rerolling out for our customer service, and what they do is they can hold the bride'shand throughout the whole thing.

Like, we really want them to have a relationship.

It'svery personal.

They'll be with them from step 1 to the end.

And it's not just the invitations.

It's those save-the-dates.

I did do save-the-dates.

I wanted to make sure that everybody could make it to my wedding.

Everybody is so busy nowadays that you want to make sure you send out your save-the-datesabout 6 months before your wedding just to let everybody know that your date is coming.

Make sure you're there.

And then after, of course, there's the invitations.

But there'salso other things that you will need.

There's a bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, andthen also the day of the wedding there's many things that I needed.

The wedding programscould be very beautiful.

I also needed, for the reception, place settings for my tables,I needed table numbers, I needed place cards, menus, all those things just on the day ofmy wedding.

And then, of course, there's the thank you notes that everybody loves writing.

Thank you notes are very important because everybody likes to have a thank you.

Jessica, all the best and congratulations on getting married.

Thank you.

Nancy, thank you so much for helping Jessicawith her wedding and for coming on.

Now, people want to get started.

Brides-to-be want toget started.

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