How to Plan a Baby Shower

How to Plan a Baby Shower.

However much funbaby showers can be, there are certain protocols and traditional elements you won’t wantto forget.

You will need A store registry A guest list Invitations A menu DecorationsGames and computer with internet access.

Step 1.

Pick a day well before the baby's due date,making certain that the expectant mother is available.

Etiquette dictates that a closefriend of the mother-to-be hosts the party.

Step 2.

Check to see that the mother has registeredsomewhere so you can include the baby registry information on the invitation.

Step 3.

Assemblea guest list and get addresses.

Send invitations at least two weeks beforehand and ask foran RSVP.

Step 4.

Plan a menu, including a cake.

Ask others to help pay, or bake no-fussfoods yourself.

Keep it simple and figure the amount of food according to the time ofday the shower will be held.

Brainstorm for party themes that reflect the mother-to-be’spersonality, humor, or tastes.

Brainstorm with helpers to tie food, gifts, and gamestogether.

Step 5.

Get decorations from a party supply or baby store, using a color themeconsistent with the baby’s sex, if that’s known.

Step 6.

Choose baby shower games, suchas "Guess the baby food" or "Jeopardy Nursery Rhymes.

" Scan web sites for ideas, games,and resources for baby showers.

Baby showers can often be co-ed, including the father-to-beand his male friends.

Step 7.

Send the invitations, being sure to include the date, time, andlocation.

Did you know Did you know? Baby showers became common after World War II,during the baby boom of the 1940s and 1950s.