How to Throw a Baby Shower

How to Throw a Baby Shower.

Throw a memory-filledbaby shower for that special mother-to-be in your life.

You will need Theme Guest listInvitations Party favors Party games and prizes Decorations and food, drinks, and tableware.

Step 1.

Use the baby’s nursery decor as a theme and incorporate this theme into theinvitations, decorations, and food.

Step 2.

Get names and addresses of people the motherwants to invite to the shower; then complete and mail invitations.

Step 3.

Prepare partyfavors for each guest, which can range from cookies to engraved baby spoons.

Step 4.

Purchaseand prepare small game prizes and any party games that you will play.

Some women do notlike party games.

Ask the guest of honor her opinion of party games.

Step 5.

Decorate thebaby shower location with items that fit the theme.

Be creative with your choices.

Babyshower decorations can go beyond blue or pink streamers and balloons.

Step 6.

Prepare food,drinks, and tableware, which can fit into your overall theme with a bit of creativeplanning.

When planning a menu, keep the guest of honor in mind.

Serve food that she willenjoy and leave out items she dislikes.

Step 7.

List the gifts the mother-to-be receivesduring the shower and whom they are from Did you know Baby showers became popular afterWorld War II.

Before then, they were often only for the wealthy and occurred alongsidea baptism.