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Hi! Today we'll make this beautifull Baby card, so stay with me 🙂 transfer the pattern we give you in our website to a nice scrapbook paper to make it easier, I'm using a light table in this case I'm transferring the pattern to a Kneehighs collection paper from BasicGrey then cut it you'll need now a white cardstock that measures 13 by 10 cm to put the baby cloth on top now let's make the clothe rack, so you'll need 2 buttons and some Sewaesy thread pass the thread through the first button.

make a knot and then pass through the other one making another knot then cut the leftover now glue the buttons using some silicone put some foamy pads behind the baby cloth and stick it then put some tiny clothes hangers to make the card base use a 24 by 15 cm piece of scrapbook paper I'm using this one from Artoz and it's Love collection use some silicone and glue the pieces using an small piece of a nice paper and some pink cardboard make a banner put the banner wherever you want and glue it now let's put a embellishment I'm using these little bottle caps from BasicGrey this card is becoming beautiful!! but you have to add some more details first some pink stitching and now some white stitching there it is!! I hope you liked this project! Mark as favorite and post a "Like"subscribe to our channel follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and click the following images to watch more videos.

See you soon bye!.