Planning a Bridal Shower : Bridal Shower Invitations

We're talking about bridal and wedding invitations.

At Zurcher's we have a lot of.

a few different choices.

You can just come in the store andorder invitations from our wedding books, we have at least fifteen, with, let's see,probably 150 pages each, and there's tons to choose from.

Also, you can order online.

You can do this from home or you can come into the store.

Just by going to www.



And another option you can always do is just purchase our prepackaged invitations.

I likethe idea of ordering the invitations because it gives it a personal touch.

There's formalto casual.

there's every kind of invitation you could want.

There's a book called "TheCasual Collection", if you want just a fun, bright invitation, there's so many to choosefrom.

And again, like I said, there's more formal choices, which would be in some ofour more elegant books, and they're just.

sometimes you can go into silver and goldwriting.

And, so there are many options when choosing bridal and wedding invitations.