Pros & Cons of Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

If you’re in a wedding planning frame ofmind, chances are, you’ve thought once or twice about making your own invitations.

Afterall they are quite popular these days, and it seems we’ve all received one or two inthe mail, we’ve all heard the success stories, and of course we’ve all heard the big perksof saving money and being able to create an invitation so unique that it precisely matchesyour personality.

This is an option we may not have with the store bought variety, right?When it comes to making the ultimate decision whether to make your own invitations, there’sa lot more to think about than these perks.

As with anything else, DIY invitations havetheir pros and their cons, and as great as they are, they’re not for everyone.

So ifyou’re thinking about making your own invitations, stay tuned.

I’ll tell you all about thepros and the cons, maybe help you make your decision, and maybe save you a lot of frustrationdown the road.

The most commonly cited reason couples give for making their own weddinginvitations is saving money, and understandably.

Wedding budgets get tight, and who wouldn’twant to save money on invitations and splurge elsewhere, right? But it’s important torecognize, if your main incentive is saving money, that DIY usually saves, but it doesn’talways save.

Why does DIY usually save? Well, when you design, print, and assemble you’reeliminating the fees charged by professionals.

So when does DIY not save? Well, when makingyour own invitations you have to factor in all of the tools you’ll need for the job,not just the paper and the envelopes.

For example, if your design requires you to buya higher quality printer, or special cutting and embossing tools for example, you may notfind that your savings are as great as expected.

So, before making the final decision, justmake sure you factor in all of the tools you need, figure out the total cost, and thencompare that cost to the price of a similar ready made style.

Next to money, the nextbig factor to consider is time.

Remember, your invitations have to be mailed out sixto eight weeks before the big day, and before that, you’ll need time to experiment, testprint, really print, assemble, and of course you’ll also need to leave time for unforeseencircumstances.

When thinking about time, think about your life in general.

Ask yourself,do I have time to balance work, family friends, my other wedding planning responsibilities,and DIY invitations? Also ask yourself, is the money I’ll save worth the extra timeI’ll spend making my invitations? You don’t want to complete your invitations under alot of stress or in haste.

It should be fun.

Last factor to consider, creative ability.

Are you able to create the design you envision.

You don’t want to end up frustrated if thedesign you envision doesn’t translate to paper.

But just keep in mind that everyonehas different resources in which to work with.

Everyone has a different amount of time, adifferent budget, and varying levels of experience and artistic ability.

These differences arewhat makes you, you, and your invitations a reflection of you.

Chances are, if you puta good effort into your invitations, they’ll turn out beautifully, and your guests willappreciate that they are so unique and are a reflection of you.

Keep all of these factorsin mind, and if you have the time and the ambition, than DIY invitations are probablya great choice for you and LCI will be there to help.