Scroll Invitations – Our Scroll Wedding Invitation

Sara and I have been getting a lot of questions about are wedding invitations, the scrolls.


I figured I would make a little, quick little video on how we made ours.

First before we decided to make our invitations.

I looked online.

I found a couple different companies and we needed about 50 invitations and it was about eighteen hundred dollars.

So then we decided that we would go ahead and make them on our selves.

So I found a company online where we purchased our dowel rods and dowel caps.

There is about 100 dowel caps in there.

So we got dowel rods and dowel caps and sanded them down.

Glued the caps on with some wood glue that we bought from Michaels.

And stained them.

Once those we stained We went and got some brown resume paper And printed the information on the resume paper.

And then.

we took the paper outside and used a lighter to burn the edges.

You can see the edges.

I think most of the scrolls that we came across, there was no burning or anything but we wanted to make them a little different.

We wanted them to look older looking.

So we burned those.

And once we burned them.

We took some wood glue and glued them to the dowel rods.

And then rolled them up and added that fabric there.

Which we got at Michaels too.

Here I will show you What the scroll looks like open.

So thats our wedding invitation opened.

Now we got married in Disney.

That's why I made it with the castle Behind the text there.

And I will put some links below the video so you can see where we got some of the wood.

The wood and stuff so I will put that down there.

And then ruffly we just basically after the scrolls were done I also found.

A company that makes boxes so we just found these boxes.

To put the invitations and paper work and papers and stuff and we made our cards.

Return cards.

And we just put those in there and that's pretty much all we did to make our wedding scroll invitations.