Share Your DIY Invitations With LCIPaper

LCI Paper is a Do It Yourself, a DIY invitationcompany.

We cater to people who are making their own invitations at home.

So what inspiresyou? Do you take inspiration from a piece that was delivered through your mail? Is itthrough something that you’ve seen in a magazine, perhaps an invitation that you’veseen on the web? Well, at LCI Paper, we want to present invitations that people like youhave done in their own homes.

So we have a Share Your Creativity section and we featurecustomer submissions.

Let me just quickly show you a couple.

Here’s an invitationfrom Sandy and she used some Stardream paper for the invitation, response card, responseenvelope, and direction card.

Here’s another piece from Coleen who’s a nurse in the USArmy.

And this took a lot of work, a lot of custom cutting as well.

And she used ViceVersa textured card stock as the backing card.

The invitation, the RSVP card, the envelopewith a hand-cut stencil monogram.

And the idea behind this is to kind of reach out toour creative customers and ask them to share their designs, what materials they used, howthey put their invitations together, and what inspired them to create their designs.

Wedo this through our Share Your Creativity section.

If you look on our blog, there isa Share Your Creativity link on the right hand sidebar and we are accepting submissions.

We’re encouraging submissions and if we do choose your design and you participatein an interview about the invitation, we’ll reciprocate by giving you a 25 dollar couponto use on a future order.

So the interview will be conducted by one of us.

We’ll callyou on the phone or we’ll set up an e-mail interview.

It will take 10 to 20 minutes roughly,and again, we’ll ask you what inspired you, the materials you used and so forth.

And thenwe’ll present that in a blog article.

If you’re doing a telephone interview, it willalso be an audio podcast.

If there’s something you’d like to promote, perhaps you are adesigner, we’ll certainly mention your business and provide a link to it.

And that’s howit works.

We encourage you to share your creativity.

It helps our customers find inspiration andrealize, hey, this is something I can do.

If you have any questions about the process,please post a comment.

We’d love to hear from you and we really look forward to seeingyour designs.

Thank you.