Tarjeta de invitación fácil. Comunión, Bodas, Bautizo – DIY – Easy invitation card

Hi, I'm Claudia, from hazregalos.


Com blog, and here I am with a card with red hearts.

Hearts pop-up.

When it opens, it looks great.

It's easy, and it has room for congratulations.

We have also made ??the matching envelope with the card.

Here I leave the link.

We will see the materials.

We will need: A white piece of cardboard, of 24x16cm.

Another piece of paper of 14x14cm.

We also need hearts, in two sizes.

Two large and some small.

A tape that is two times wider than the card.

Also pencil, eraser, ruler and glue.

Also scissors Now let's make the pop-up hearts.

We folded the paper in half, and again.

Where the folds are joined, bend diagonally.

Here we will draw the heart.

We make them.

This way.

It is very easy.

We are going to cut it.

When we open, ready.

Now in the card, bend it in half.

Here goes the hearts.

Let's paste.

We left it so, because later it looks very good.

I have placed them near the center, to make it better.

We measure the half of the card, that is in the center.

Glue it.

Now close the card, and stays glued.

Look, there it is.

Now decorate with small hearts.

Do it in the way you like the most.

I've done as a bouquet.

We measured the center, so is better.

Glue it.

Here are glued, then put the tape.

It goes behind.

We measure the half, and stick well.

We glue it.

It looks better down.

Now do the loop.

Now this all.

Later, you can do decorations, if you want.

It is easy and fast, it's beautiful.

Special for Mother's Day.

Hope you like it.

We have more ideas for you.

Leave me your comments and tell me if you did it.

See you in the next.