Translucent Vellum Invitations – DIY Invitation Idea

Hi I’m Kristen, and in this tutorial you’lllearn how to make a seasonal vellum wrap invitation like this one.

Super easy in design, all thisis is an A nine card pre-cut; five and a half by eight and a half, and an eight and a halfby eleven piece of vellum that you fold around it.

Just makes a nice, slightly translucentwrap.

The beauty of this invitation is by far its versatility.

We have all sorts ofcolorful vellum to choose from and even patterns.

And since the cards come blank you can putanything you want on it which means you can use it for any occasion.

In the tutorial you’llsee it’s really easy to recreate this invitation.

We’ve provided you with a materials listso all you have to do is choose your elements, download your templates, print, and you’redone.

If you want, you can finish off your invitation with a ribbon embellishment, butthat’s purely your choice; and if you have any questions, get in touch with us.