Use Rustic Hemp To Make Gate Fold Wedding Invitations

Hi I’m Kristen and I’m holding a twineembellished gate fold invitation.

This invitation is a really simple combination of a 5×7, A7gate fold wrap, wrapped up in this nice rustic twine.

Inside is a slightly smaller 4 7/8x 6 7/8 invitation card and response items.

This invitation was also paired with a handlined invitation envelope to bring it all together.

I wrote a step by step tutorialtelling you how to recreate this design for your event.

In it you’ll find printing templates,a materials list, and step by step assembly instructions.

This particular invitation wasdesigned with a lake side event in mind with the blues and the greens but you can choosematerials in your own color scheme and print your own unique cards to reflect your event.

If you have any questions about creating this invitation get in touch with us.