Vellum Pochette Invitation Kit – Color Translucent Papers To Make Invitations




HtmlMake your own translucent vellum pochette invitation with LCI Paper's DIY invitationtutorial.

A clean and simple invitation style, vellum pochette invitations feature a traditionalpanel embossed invitation card wrapped up in a translucent petal fold pochette.

Thisvideo is a quick overview of the invitation design; view the full tutorial for detailedassembly instructions, print templates, and a list of materials.

Choose from a large varietyof colorful pochettes and invitation cards to create a custom translucent pochette invitationfor your special event!Hi I’m Kristen, and I’m holding an Ambrosia translucent vellumpochette invitation.

To me this is a really intriguing invitation design because you canjust faintly see the invitation text through the translucent pochette, and then it unfoldslike the petals of a flower to reveal the invitation card inside.

Pretty cool rightgirls? And in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make one of your own.

In the tutorialyou’ll find printing templates to print your own cards to fit your event, step bystep assembly instructions and a materials list so you can pick the cards of your choice.

Assembly is super easy; literally all you have to do is print, wrap, place in a mailingenvelope, and go.

And if you have any questions about customizing this invitation for yourevent, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.