Vintage Hankerchief Invitation

Hey guys this is Anna Skye and today I'm goingto teach you how to make this awesome DIY vintage hanky invitation.

If you're lookingfor something different, something vintage, something everyone's going to remember, thisis it.

It's actual cotton fabric that you print on.

It's the coolest thing since slicedbread.

And you can make a foldable, bendable, paperless wedding invitation.

Stay tuned tolearn how.

To make this project you're going to need this photo fabric paper.

I have alink to where you buy this on Amazon.

It is the cotton poplin roll, it's 8.

5 x 100 inches,and it's just a roll of fabric that's mounted to wax paper so that you can print on it.

It's the coolest stuff ever.

And you're going to need our printable template, which is aMicrosoft Word file.

You can personalize the wording and there's a link to this in thedescription of the video.

A ruler, this is a pinking shear rotary cutter.

You can pickthis up at any sewing store.

A cutting mat to protect your table surface and a pencil.

So now we have all our stuff lets get started.

So the key ingredient in this project is thephoto fabric, and I bought this on Amazon and it's called the cotton poplin PhotoFabricand I've linked to it in the description.

It comes in an 8.

5 x 100 inch roll.

And itlooks like this.

And it's sort of cotton on this side, and a wax paper on the other side.

So what we need to do is to cut it down to 11" since that is the standard size for mosthome printers.

And I'm going to use my ruler on my cutting mat, and so that's 11".

So there'smy 11" line, zero to 11, and I"m going to line my fabric roll up there, and then I'mgoing to take my ruler and I'm going to come up here to the end.

So you're essentiallytaking the roll and cutting it into 11 inch strips so that we can feed it just like wewould paper and print it.

And I'm just going to take my scissors, and it cuts really easily.

Like so.

And then you're going to repeat this process cutting, you know, the whole rollinto 11 inch strips.

So I'm over at my printer and I wanted to show you a trick.

Here isthe fabric paper and it has the tendency to want to curl back against the wax paper andI find if I just real gently roll it the opposite direction that will help it grab the fabricbetter.

And then if I place some blank sheets of paper, I'm not going to print on these,behind my fabric as opposed to just putting the fabric in on it's own.

And what you wantis you want those little clips, you want the fabric behind those clips, but pushed up snug,those little white feeder clips.

And this is on the Epson printer.

I'm using the 1430but any of the inkjet printers will work for this.

So now that we have our fabric paperin lets go ahead and print it out.

So here I have the template for the hanky opened upin Microsoft Word.

And adding your name is as simple as editing this text box.

So justlike any Microsoft Word file, you simply highlight and I can type in Anna Marie Skye and todayI'm going to marry Bradly Cooper, and then you can change the date to say, June.

Andyou get the idea.

You can also add and remove lines of text, so if you need like anotherarea here, like lets say you wanted to add a street address, you can just click, makea carriage return and type in an address.

So it's very flexible so it meets your needs.

And so once you have the template all typed up with your wording you're going to go aheadand go up here to file, Print.

And it will preview your document here and you're goingto hit print.

And what I like about this technique is it's printing directly onto the fabric.

So this isn't iron on, it's going to look like it's actual fabric that you've had custommade for your project.

And so there it is, all printed out on the fabric.

So as you'regetting ready to finish your hanky the first step is to peel off the wax paper, and thatwas only needed to get it to go through the printer.

And so when you separate the backerfrom the hanky you'll see now it's really starting to come together.

It's like fabricnow.

And you have a couple of options, you know, if you're sewy you could go and do arolled hem on this.

Or if you had a serger machine you could serge the edge.

I reallythink it's fast and inexpensive to use a pinking shear rotary cutter and a ruler.

And whatI do is I go ahead and line my ruler up, and I keep it just a little bit away from theedge.

So I'm not right on the edge of the white and the pink, I'm back maybe and 1/8of an inch.

Then I take my rotary cutter with the pinking blade installed and I just followalong the ruler and cut the fabric.

I didn't push hard enough right there.

So there's oneedge.

Then go head and repeat the process on the other three sides.

And I just lovethe way this project turned out.

I am so excited to maybe do some more hanky templates usingour other vintage designs, cause I was just so excited how this turned out.

So there youhave the hanky all trimmed out.

And lets bring in our matching address label template andit's on a 5.

5" square envelope.

I'm using our coordinating envelope liner template andour reply card.

And I'm just going to, this is a stardream gold envelope that I've pairedwith it.

I'm going to go ahead and tuck those in to my envelope, and then fold my littlehanky invitation into quarters.

Now you could, you know, tie this with ribbon.

There's lotsof different ways you could present this.

But I think just a cute square fold and tuckit in with the RSVP card like so, so it sticks out like that.

And then you fold it closed.

And now you have your wedding invitation that everyone is going to ooh and ahh over whenthey open up and find out that you made a custon vintage hanky for your invitation.

Hey thanks for watching the tutorial, and if you've stuck around this long you shouldknow that we have matching address labels, envelope liners, RSVP cards, programs, where'sthe program, here's the program, menus that all coordinate with the hanky design we justmade in this video.

And it also comes in two other color options which is the lavenderand the cornsilk.

So depending on the look you're going for we hope we have a designthat will work for you.

And if not please comment below and we design everything inhouse so we can make it in your colors.

So we're really here to help you make amazinghand-made invitations.

So if there's any way we can help you get there please let us know.

This is Anna Skye from Download & Print, subscribe to my channel, get the links below, have agood day.