Wedding Hack: Foil Stamped Invitations with Liquid Gold Pen

Hey this is Anna Skye and if you love foilstamped invitations but don't love how expensive they are I'm going to teach you how you canmake a faux foil invitation using this nifty liquid gold marker and the Joanna design fromDownload & Print.

Stay tuned to learn how.

So what you'll need to complete this projectis the Joanna invitation template from Download & Print.

It prints two per page on 8.

5 x 11"sheet.

And you're gonna need the liquid gold marker from Deco Color, I've included a linkto this in the video description.

And you're gonna need A7 gold envelopes, and this isthe envelope liner that matches this set that you can also get at Download & Print.

ButI've paired this with the gold so it matches the fancy faux foil effect.

So to get startedwe're going to go ahead and trim out our invitation template.

And I''m just going to line up thesedotted lines with the ruler on my paper cutter.

And then I'm just going to turn it, and Ijust keep turning and just lining up those dotted lines with the edge of my paper cutter.

And what's great about this design is it's actually just black and white so if you hadthis replicated at a copy shop you'd pay black and white color prices which is like, youknow, around 10 cents versus, say 40 cents for colored copies.

So it's really inexpensiveto reproduce black and white, and then once we add this.

It's hard to cut and talk atthe same time.

So it's super easy to add this gold detail and then all you did was pay forblack and white copies.

So now that we have this all trimmed out I'm just going to bringthis little mat over here.

And the, you're going to want to shake the Deco Color liquidgold pen, just to mix the paint.

And then if it's the first time using the marker, orit's been a little while, you're gonna want to have a scrap sheet of paper and pump ita little bit so that the paint is flowing.

Now this design has this really easy to followborder.

And the best way to get smooth even lines is to take it in sections.

So I'm goingto start at the point and just paint to the next point.

So that way it's really easy tojust lift up your pen and start over as opposed to trying to do it in one motion.

Just gofrom point to point.

You don't have to be perfect.

When they see this it's just goingto pop and they're not going to notice if not every one is the same.

And that's whatkinda makes it have this hand made detail.

And you could really use this gold liquidgold pen with any of our designs to accent different sections.

It's super easy to do.

It also comes in silver so if you used silver as your accent color you could just be paintingon silver as opposed to gold that I'm doing here.

Add this gold detail, but it's suchan easy punch.

So there I've gone all the way around.

And you're going to want to letthis dry.

I would let it dry overnight rather than just immediately put it in the envelopes.

It is dry to the touch pretty quickly, I would say five minutes, but before you mail themand they go through the post office and get shifted around I would let them dry 24 hoursbefore mailing out.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and for more DIY invitationideas visit DownloadandPrint.