Wedding Invitations: Wedding Hauls S01E2/8

Hello, I am Chantelle and welcome back toWedding Hauls on My Wedding Scrapbook.

Now, your wedding invitation sets the tonefor your wedding day, so it is really important to get it right.

Now, today I have a selectionto show you suiting all styles and budgets.

[music] So first up, we have this quite traditionaloption with the bow.

This is the Jasper Day design by brideandgroomdirect.



Theseare £3.

00 each which is quite pricey, especially if you are having a big wedding and if youhave a lot of guests to send invites to.

This is the cream option — I think they do fiveor six different colors, so quite a lot of variety there.

It has this floral leaf patternon this sort-of translucent paper.

Very pretty.

Inside you have the main invitation itself.

This feels like a really lovely, quality card.

It is quite nice to have the ivory color againstthe white.

I really like the text as well, the fact that the main information is in capitalletters so it is very easy to read.

The names are in sort-of a swirly font.

If you prefer something more contemporary,I have this this option from weddinginateacup.



This is a gorgeous wedding stationery company.

This is a nautical design, which I think would be really cute if you were having a weddingby the sea as well.

It has this lovely navy and white bow and if we undo it.

[music] So we have the RSVP card that matches, itis great for your guests to reply to you, and the main invitation.

"Tie the knot" which,of course, is the nautical theme as well, and this cute little bow with the anchor pendant,which is really sweet.

With all the blue and white colorings, it is tied in very well withthe nautical theme.

And it has this little comment on the side — "Oh! Beside the seaside!"-which I think is really fun.

And it is £3.

50, so it is also quite pricy, but really, reallyworth it because it is so well made.

It is just beautiful.

Also very contemporary is this design by ElinorRose Wedding Stationery.

It is from the Summer Festival collection.

It is really, reallybeautiful with the pastel colored bunting detailing at the top.

Also really affordableat only £2.


It is quite a simplistic design with very simple text, but it feels very goodquality.

And it is really lovely, as well, to have your stationery done by an independentwedding stationery company because it gives you a little flexibility with changing thecolors or the font if you want to.

Much more so than if you were buying from a high streetstore.

Other parts of this range also include the Save the Date and the RSVP card so youcan keep everything all with one theme, all matching.

You also have this invitation also from ElinorRose Stationery.

This is the floral wrap invitation.

It is so, so beautiful.

I absolutely lovethis cutout floral design.

It must be really, really impressive to your guests if they seethis in the post.

Inside we have this really lovely, feels like a nice quality card — reallylovely text, very simplistic and very plain which I think goes very well with the wrapenvelope style because, obviously, that is quite intricate.

This is £9.

50, so if youdedicated a lot of your wedding budget to invitations, then that is good for you.

But,maybe better suited to a smaller wedding with less people to buy invitations for.

But Ithink it is absolutely gorgeous and really, really impressive.

And finally we have this really unusual design.

It says "eat, drink and be married", which I think is really fun.

And it has the littletag on it which has the couple's name, which is lovely to have the nice little personalization.

And it is really unusual — it comes out of that little casing and it opens right up soit has all the fun facts there all in sort of funky text – the date and the address andeverything that you need.

It also has this little poem, which I think is quite cute.

And then, if you rip this off, it becomes the RSVP so people can respond to you thatand let you know that they are attending.

I think this invitation really shouts "cometo our wedding and have a great, great time ".

It is really informal, I just love it somuch.

So, it is £4.

85 from Debenhams Wedding Stationery.

Now, Debenhams has a vast varietyof invitations and all kinds of stationery and accessories for your wedding day.

So,definitely, you should check them out.

Thank you so much for watching.

I hope thishas inspired you to find the perfect invitation for you and your wedding day.

Take care andI will see you next week.

Bye! [music].