Wedding Program Design Using Ribbon & Z- Fold Paper

Hi, I’m Kristen and I’m holding a RibbonBanded 6 1/4 Square Z-Fold Program.

As the oh so clever name implies, this is a 6 1/4square z-fold or tri-fold, accordion fold, whatever you want to call it, program heldtogether by a satin ribbon band.

This program is a really clean and simple combination ofa single z-fold card, pre-cut and pre-scored, really easy to fold, and a single ribbon band.

It really doesn’t get much more streamlined.

In the corresponding tutorial, you’ll findall the tools you need to replicate this program for your wedding.

You’ll find a materialslist, Microsoft Word printing templates, and step by step assembly instructions.

So ifyou want a different color program, different text color, different font, totally cool!I’ll show you how to do it in the tutorial.

And if you have any questions, get in touchwith us.