Дизайн ногтей на ногах! Френч + Цветочки со стразами.

Hello!!! in this video I would like to show you here's how to make a beautiful and sophisticated design on the nails of our feet if you're interested then keep looking! So, we need: white acrylic paint any thin paint brush to make the jacket on the nails You can also use white lacquer which is already on sale with a fine brush is such a stick for design, It called dotts both sides have this available sticks balls are thin, there are medium-sized there are large we need one that has a large ball Rhinestones for flowers clear nail polish to complete and secure design Super glue sticking to our straziki You can not survive Super glue will not damage your nails and it is easy to then retire with a nail strazik ordinary water to dilute the paint and instead I will use mosaic lid which I will paint thinned So, we start the implementation of our design first we need to draw a jacket take approximately a pea our paint and dilute it with water we plant it so that it becomes liquid so the paint will fall flatter our slightly dipped the brush in the paint and draw a thin striped our first nail is ready Now we do the same thing on the other marigolds So we have the first leg is ready now proceed to drawing the second leg of his tunic so all our jacket ready Now we will draw the flowers! so we take our dotts and dunks the ball in the paint and draw a flower and draw a second flower we've got two of these tsvetochechka optional on other marigolds you can put small dots and now on this leg draw all the same So now we need to stick straziki I squeeze out small drops of glue on our cap Macao to dottsem I put a drop of this flower in the center and grab our strazik and also the following and the second leg to do the same Well, now we have varnished nails! Well that's all! our fingers ready! I hope this video was useful to someone! If so, put your fingers UP subscribe to my channel! * write comments ask questions Thank you all for watching !!! till!!!.