【DIY Nails】

Hello this is Emi at nail-pad com.

This time we will be doing a gradiation nails turtorial.

Its really simple, watch until the end! First, apply a coat of clear gel.

Before the gel cures, Paint the bottom 2/3 with pink gel.

Get some clear gel and blend the border between the pink paint and the first coat of clear gel.

Paint the bottom of the nail, one more time.

Get some clear gel again, apply one more coat where the clear gel meets the pink gel.

If you want the contrast to be more clear, apply one more coat of clear gel where the pink and clear gel meet up Last , apply a coat of top gel over the entire nail.

Cure the nail and wipe off any remaining uncured gel.

How is it every body? If you want to have a more detailed description of these nails, or other fun nails please visit nail-pad.

Com ENJOY!!! Please subscribe with your new beautiful nails! Thanks for watching until the end!.