2 Cutest Nail Art designs for school | Style Small World

Hey guys !! In this nail art tutorial I'm showing you 2 Nail art designs for School For the first, smiley apple nail design, after applying base coat, apply double coat of pink nail polish on index, little thumb & Using top coat, place neon stud On middle and ring, apply double coat of white nail polish and then make an apple I'm using acrylic color but it's up to you.

You may use nail polish if you want then make green stem and leaf then make 2 white dots and one black curvy line for smile and 2 black dots for eyes apply top coat and it's done For this elephant nail art design, first apply base coat then on index, middle & little, apply double coat of white nail polish I'm using this nail stickers for born pretty goals.

I'm giving it's link in the description box Take out one elephant sticker and stick on middle On Index & little, stick thesis flower stickers On ring, I'm applying silver glitter nail polish apply top coat and it's done Give a thumbs up if you like and subscribe to my channel if you have not already I'll see you very soon.

Bye Bye & takecare.