2 Easy and Quick Toe Nail Art designs tutorial

Hey Guys!! In this tutorial I'm gonna show you 2 different toe nail art design For the first one, first apply base coat on all of your nails Then apply double coat of white nail paint when it gets dry, put some drops of different nail polish colors You may choose your own color combination I'm using pastel nail colors here Then take a piece of polythene and place it over your nail and tap slowly If you feel that some colors are not visible so repeat this process After removing excess nail polish, apply different nail polish colors on different nails Apply top coat and place a black stud and that's it For the second design, after applying base coat, apply double coat of red nail polish Then using thicker side of toothpick, make some big white dots We are making mini mouse toes nail art here Then place 2 small white dots over the big dots for ears of mini mouse On the next, apply black nail polish and make red tip and then make 2 yellow dots On the next nail, apply white nail polish and place small red dots using toothpick On remaining nails, apply yellow and red nail polish Remove excess nail polish apply top coat and it's done If you like these designs then give this video a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe Bye Bye :).