2 Easy Nail Art for Fall | Autumn Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Guys!! Happy Autumn 🙂 In today's video I'm making two easy nail art designs for fall For the first nail art design, Apply base coat Then apply thick layer of white nail polish Then put tiny dots of orange nail polish And burgundy nail polish I'm giving the shade names in the description box Drag toothpick or dotting tool to create this nail design Place black dots Then make a thin line using golden glitter nail polish Apply top coat and it's done For the second design, After applying base coat, apply double coat of white nail polish Then using burgundy color, make autumn leaves I'm using the same colors in both designs because I feel these colors are perfect for fall.

Give shade of orange inside the leaves If you like my designs then give a thumbs up to support me Make some orange leaves And give shade of yellow by adding small lines inside the leaves Stick golden stripping tape Apply top coat and it's done Thanks for watching Click Subscribe to join this small world I'll see you on next weekend.

Till then Bye Bye Take care :).